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Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem
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Health and Nursing Management

Table of contents
Texto contexto - enferm. vol.15 no.3 Florianópolis July./Sept. 2006

 Original Article - Research
 ·  Management of the work process in health and nursing: nursing leadership in hospital units
Santos, Iraci dos; Oliveira, Sandra R. Marques de; Castro, Carolina Bittencourt

 ·  The consumers' point of view about a university hospital: an analysis of the quality of the assistance to the pregnant women and newborns
Tronchin, Daisy M. R.; Melleiro, Marta M.; Tsunechiro, Maria Alice; Gualda, Dulce M. R.

 ·  Theory of professional links: a new method of nursing administration
Thofehrn, Maira Buss; Leopardi, Maria Tereza

 ·  The management software used by nurses in the care process
Peterlini, Olga Laura Giraldi; Zagonel, Ivete Palmira Sanson

 ·  Integrality in women's health in the prevention of cervical-uterine cancer: a case study
Ximenes Neto, Francisco Rosemiro Guimarães; Cunha, Isabel Cristina Kowal Olm

 ·  Integrality in care in health care from the perspective of municipal district management
Kantorski, Luciane Prado; Jardim, Vanda Maria da Rosa; Coimbra, Valéria Cristina Christello; Oliveira, Michele Mandagará de; Heck, Rita Maria

 ·  Working time: factor that interfere in the quality of nursing assistance
Silva, Bernadete Monteiro da; Lima, Flávia Regina Furtado; Farias, Francisca Sônia de Andrade Braga; Campos, Antônia do Carmo Soares

 ·  Culture and corporal manifestations of the nurse in his/her managerial practice
Prochnow, Adelina Giacomelli; Leite, Josete Luzia; Trevizan, Maria Auxiliadora

 ·  Profile of pregnant women registered with the family health team of health region 13 in the state of Rio Grande do Sul
Malfatti, Carlos Ricardo Maneck; Assunção, Ari Nunes; Moura, Rosylaine; Burgos, Miria Suzana; Ehle, Liviéle Daiane

 ·  Difficulties faced by nurses that work in surgery
Stumm, Eniva Miladi Fernandes; Maçalai, Rubia Teresinha; Kirchner, Rosane Maria

 ·  Profile of the nurse and the necessities of professional competence development
Martins, Christiane; Kobayashi, Rika M.; Ayoub, Andréa C.; Leite, Maria Madalena J.

 ·  Managemental abilities of the nurse: the new and old challenge?
Cunha, Isabel Cristina Kowal Olm; Ximenes Neto, Francisco Rosemiro Guimarães

 ·  Health practice management in the perspective of complex care
Erdmann, Alacoque Lorenzini; Andrade, Selma Regina de; Mello, Ana Lúcia Schaefer Ferreira de; Meirelles, Betina Hörner Schlindwein

 ·  Management and general nursing competencies
Peres, Aida Maris; Ciampone, Maria Helena Trench

 ·  Appropriation and usage of management knowledge for change in the culture of nursing as an academic subject
Svaldi, Jacqueline Sallete Dei; Lunardi Filho, Wilson Danilo; Gomes, Giovana Calcagno

 ·  Administrative and work organization theories: from Taylor to current times influences in health care and nursing
Matos, Eliane; Pires, Denise

 Experiment Report
 ·  Participative strategic planning: an area for conquering professional citizenship
Gelbcke, Francine; Matos, Eliane; Schmidt, Ilza S.; Mesquita, Maria Patrícia Locks de; Padilha, Maria de Fátima Custódio