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Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem
On-line version ISSN 1518-8345


Table of contents
Rev. Latino-Am. Enfermagem vol.13 no.2 Ribeirão Preto Mar./Apr. 2005

 ·  Cultivating the art of service
Mendes, Isabel Amélia Costa

 Original Articles
 ·  Quality of life and depressive symptoms in nursing residents
Franco, Gianfábio Pimentel; Barros, Alba Lucia Botura Leite de; Nogueira-Martins, Luiz Antonio

 ·  Difficulties experienced by the patient care team at the intensive care unit
Leite, Maria Abadia; Vila, Vanessa da Silva Carvalho

 ·  Team mourning: revelations of nursing professionals on the care provided to children/adolescents in the process of death/dying
Costa, Juliana Cardeal da; Lima, Regina Aparecida Garcia de

 ·  Nursing: the meaning of this profession to nurses. A first approach
Luchesi, Luciana Barizon; Santos, Claudia Benedita dos

 ·  Teaching of nursing in mental and psychiatric health: the point-of-view of teachers and students in a social phenomenology perspective
Campoy, Marcos Antonio; Merighi, Miriam Aparecida Barbosa; Stefanelli, Maguida Costa

 ·  Production of meanings about family members living with mentally-ill patients
Souza, Rozemere Cardoso de; Scatena, Maria Cecília Morais

 ·  The role of visiting family member and companion of adult and elderly people according to nurse indications
Silva, Lucía; Bocchi, Sílvia Cristina Mangini

 ·  Investment of time resource in prenatal care by family health staff
Maeda, Sayuri Tanaka; Ciosak, Suely Itsuko

 ·  The contribution of a scientific journal to nursing integration and the foundation of professional actions
Silveira, Ida Mara Brunelli da; Balceiro, Raquel Borba; Mendes, Isabel Amélia Costa

 ·  Post-hemorrhoidectomy pain descriptors
Priscilla, Hortense; Evangelista, Renata Alessandra; Sousa, Fátima Aparecida Emm Faleiros

 ·  Nursing care in ambulatory surgery at a teaching hospital: patients, procedures and biological and psychosocial needs
Pinto, Tatiane Vegette; Araújo, Izilda Esmênia Muglia; Gallani, Maria Cecília Bueno Jayme

 ·  The sickening process of colostomy patients by cancer
Maruyama, Sônia Ayako Tao; Zago, Márcia Maria Fontão

 ·  Corticotrophin hormone serum levels of parturients submitted to nonpharmacologic anxiety and pain relief method during labor
Almeida, Nilza Alves Marques; Silveira, Nusa de Almeida; Bachion, Maria Márcia; Sousa, Joaquim Tomé de

 ·  Greater survival among patients with immunogenetic markers of rapid progression to AIDS: subsidies for nursing care
Fernandes, Ana Paula M.; Gonçalves, Maria Alice G.; Machado, Alcyone A.; Miyeko, Hayashida; Elucir, Gir; Donadi, Eduardo A.; Rodrigues, Maria de Lourdes V.

 ·  Social representations associated with tube feeding among adult hospitalized patients
Barbosa, Jaqueline Almeida Guimarães; Freitas, Maria Imaculada de Fátima

 ·  The contribution of belly dance to body education, physical and mental health of women who go to the gym or dance
Abrão, Ana Carla Peto; Pedrão, Luiz Jorge

 Review Articles
 ·  The therapist in group psychotherapy
Bechelli, Luiz Paulo de C.; Santos, Manoel Antônio dos

 ·  Reflections on stress and Burnout and their relationship with nursing
Murofuse, Neide Tiemi; Abranches, Sueli Soldati; Napoleão, Anamaria Alves

 ·  Team work in a family health care program: the team process concept and operational teams
Fortuna, Cinira Magali; Mishima, Silvana Martins; Matumoto, Silvia; Pereira, Maria José Bistafa

 Updating Articles
 ·  Academic activity report as a strategy for learning research
Soubhia, Zeneide; Ruffino, Márcia Caron; Dessunti, Elma Mathias

 Short Communications/Cases Accounts
 ·  Situation of endemic pemphigus foliaceus in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, 1990-1999
Chagas, Aucely Corrêa Fernandes; Ivo, Maria Lúcia; Honer, Michael Robin; Correa Filho, Ruy