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Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem
On-line version ISSN 1518-8345


Table of contents
Rev. Latino-Am. Enfermagem vol.13 no.spe Ribeirão Preto Oct. 2005

 ·  Nursing integration in Latin America and challenges to prepare leaderships for drugs research development
Mendes, Isabel Amélia Costa

 Original Article
 ·  Protection factors against alcohol consumption as perceived by basic education teachers
Sigampa, Juana Beatriz; Ferriani, Maria das Graças Carvalho; Nakano, Ana Márcia Spanó

 ·  Protection factors against alcohol consumption promoted by pre-school teachers
Avila, Genoveva Elizabeth; Ferriani, Maria das Graças Carvalho; Nakano, Ana Márcia Spanó

 ·  Basic education in the prevention of alcohol consumption and smoking: a reality report
Chávez, Luz María Carvajal; Andrade, Denise de

 ·  Perception of temptations to use drugs among persons under treatment
Aguilar, Lucio Rodríguez; Pillon, Sandra Cristina

 ·  The influence of psychoactive substance consumption in the family context on students' self-esteem
Pereira, Náyade B. Riquelme; Duvicq, Carmen Gloria Fraile; Carvalho, Ana Maria Pimenta

 ·  The meaning of suffering by women who live with an alcoholic husband
Vargas, Nohora Isabel Tobo; Zago, Márcia Maria Fontão

 ·  Family and risk factors related to alcohol consumption and smoking among children and adolescents (Guayaquil-Equador)
Ruiz, Martha Ramírez; Andrade, Denise de

 ·  Alcohol consumption among industrial workers in Monterrey , Mexico
Magallón, Teresita de Jesús Campa; Robazzi, Maria Lúcia do Carmo Cruz

 ·  Child maltreatment due to alcohol abuse
Salcedo, Lucia Julieta Abuná; Carvalho, Ana Maria Pimenta

 ·  Personal satisfaction of adolescent drug addicts in the family environment during treatment at a mental health institute
Carranza, Doris Violeta Velásquez; Pedrão, Luiz Jorge

 ·  Nursing education and the drugs phenomenon in Colombia: knowledge, attitudes and beliefs
Mendoza, Evelyn Vásquez; Pillon, Sandra Cristina

 ·  Prospective analysis of teaching on alcohol use prevention and reproductive health at educational institutions in Lima-Peru. 2003-2004
Díaz, Elvira Sánchez; Luis, Margarita Antonia Villar; Rassol, Goolan Hussein; Pillon, Sandra Cristina

 ·  Nursing formation and the drugs phenomenon in the South of Brazil: nursing students' attitudes and beliefs on care
Carraro, Telma Elisa; Rassool, Goolan Hussein; Luis, Margarita Antonia Villar

 ·  Nursing formation and the drugs phenomenon in the state of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil: attitudes and beliefs
Lopes, Gertrudes Teixeira; Luis, Margarita Antonia Villar

 ·  Risk factors for alcohol consumption in students between 10 and 18 years old in public schools located in La Paz - Bolivia (2003-2004)
Oliveira, Magdalena Ribera; Luis, Margarita Antonia Villar

 ·  Use of psychotropic drugs in Brazil : household survey in the 107 biggest Brazilian cities - 2001
Galduróz, José Carlos F.; Noto, Ana Regina; Nappo, Solange A.; Carlini, E.A.

 ·  Misuse of benzodiazepines: a study among key informants in São Paulo city
Orlandi, Paula; Noto, Ana Regina

 Updating Articles
 ·  Meanings and contradictions of the drugs phenomenon: legal and illegal drugs in Chile
Rebolledo, Néstor Ortiz; Costa, Maria Cristina Silva