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Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem
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Table of contents
Rev. Latino-Am. Enfermagem vol.18 no.spe Ribeirão Preto May/June 2010

 ·  Sintetizando los resultados de los estudios sobre el fenómeno de las drogas
Furegato, Antonia Regina Ferreira

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 Original Articles
 ·  Alcohol consumption in administrative and service personnel in an Ecuadorian university
Bravo Ortiz, Carmita María; Marziale, Maria Helena Palucci

 ·  Alcohol consumption and stress in second year nursing students
Tam Phun, Elena; Santos, Claudia Benedita dos

 ·  Protective factors for preventing the use of drugs in the families of a Colombia locality
Medina Arias, Núbia; Ferriani, Maria das Graças Carvalho

 ·  Alcohol use and traffic accidents: a study of alcohol levels
Abreu, Ângela Maria Mendes; Lima, Jose Mauro Braz de; Matos, Ligia Neres; Pillon, Sandra Cristina

 ·  Accidents and injuries due to consumption of alcohol or drugs in patients treated at an emergency room
Oliva Rodríguez, Nora Nelly; Dalrí, Maria Célia Barcellos; Alonso Castillo, María Magdalena; López García, Karla Selene

 ·  Nursing students’ knowledge about alcohol and drugs
Vargas Vilela, Miriam; Ventura, Carla Aparecida Arena; Silva, Edilaine Cristina da

 ·  Characterization of students of the nursing degree course and their perceptions about licit and illicit drug consumption
Rojas Valenciano, Ligia; Costa Junior, Moacyr Lobo da; Vasters, Gabriela Pereira

 ·  Care for family caregivers living with alcoholics through the problem solving technique
Gonçalves, Jurema Ribeiro Luiz; Galera, Sueli Aparecida Frari

 ·  Smoking among nurses of the national hospital in Lima, Peru
Pérez Saavedra, Vilma; Ferreira, Paulo Sérgio; Pillon, Sandra Cristina

 ·  Alcohol consumption and domestic violence against women: a study with university students from mexico
Herrera Paredes, José Manuel; Ventura, Carla Aparecida Arena

 ·  Characterization of the students of a nursing course regarding the consumption of licit and illicit drugs
Leiva Diaz, Viriam; Vasters, Gabriela Pereira; Costa Jr., Moacyr Lobo da

 ·  Roles of professionals in drug outpatient care centers, in the city of Bogota, Colombia
Díaz Heredia, Luz Patricia; Marziale, Maria Helena Palucci

 ·  Knowledge and practice regarding tobacco use among pharmacy undergraduate students in Lima, Peru
Danjoy León, Delia; Ferreira, Paulo Sérgio; Pillon, Sandra Cristina

 ·  “An attractive force”: the meaning of drugs to users from an island in Cape Verde
Neves, Augusto César Lima; Miasso, Adriana Inocenti

 ·  Drug consumption in young people in Guayaquil City, Ecuador
Riofrío Guillén, Rosa; Nascimento, Lucila Castanheira

 ·  Drug use among students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, Leon, Nicaragua
Castro, Nestor; Cortés, Patricia; Vasters, Gabriela Pereira; Costa Jr., Moacyr Lobo da

 ·  Traffic accidents and alcohol consumption in an emergency unit of La Paz, Bolivia
Pelaez Mariscal, Inês Magali; Silva, Edilaine Cristina da

 ·  Assessment of alcohol use in families of the suburbs of Guayaquil City, Ecuador, by nursing students
Mieles Moreira, Marìa; Galera, Sueli Aparecida Frari

 ·  The discourse on alcohol in the Brazilian Journal of Nursing: 1932-2007
Oliveira, Gislene Farias de; Luchesi, Luciana Barizon

 ·  Alcohol consumption and self esteem in adolescents
Álvarez Aguirre, Alicia; Alonso Castillo, María Magdalena; Zanetti, Ana Carolina Guidorizzi

 ·  Meanings about smoking for women participant in a group for smokers
Eckerdt, Neusa da Silva; Corradi-Webster, Clarissa Mendonça

 ·  Analysis of the frequency of experimentation with and consumption of drugs in high-school students
Soledad Burrone, Maria; Bueno, Sonia Maria Villela; Costa Jr, Moacyr Lobo de; Enders, Julio; Fernández, Ruth Alicia; Vasters, Gabriela Pereira

 Theorical Articles
 ·  Self-efficacy and attitudes towards drug consumption in childhood: exploring concepts
Melo Hurtado, Dora Stella; Nascimento, Lucila Castanheira