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Polímeros vol.17 no.2 São Carlos Apr./June 2007

 Seção Editorial
 ·  Mensagem do Presidente da ABPol
Mauler, Raquel S.

 ·  Editorial

 ·  O geco e os cabelos de Sansão
Crestana, Anna

 Seção Técnica
 ·  PVC/NBR blends by reactive processing I: in situ dynamic vulcanization process
Passador, Fábio R.; Pessan, Luiz A.; Rodolfo Jr., Antonio

 ·  Mechanical characterization of recycled polypropylene for automotive industry
Fernandes, Beatriz L.; Domingues, Antonio J.

 ·  Injection molding of PA 6.6 in stereolithography moulds coated with electroless Ni-P
Lencina, Diovani C.; Ahrens, Carlos H.; Salmoria, Gean V.; Lafratta, Fernando H.

 ·  Composites of natural rubber with polyaniline
Galiani, Patrini D.; Malmonge, José A.; Santos, Daniela P. dos; Malmonge, Luiz F.

 ·  Composites obtained by the combination of slate powder and polypropylene
Carvalho, Giovanna M. X. de; Mansur, Herman S.; Vasconcelos, Wander L.; Oréfice, Rodrigo L.

 ·  Preparation of organophilic clays and development of polyethylene nanocomposites. Part 2: flammability behavior
Barbosa, Renata; Araújo, Edcleide M.; Melo, Tomás J. A. de; Ito, Edson N.

 ·  The reduction of the cold crystallization rate of Pet in the presence of polystyrene
Wellen, Renate M. R.; Rabello, Marcelo S.

 ·  Synthesis and characterization of the copolymer poly (L-co-D,L lactic acid)
Motta, Adriana C.; Duek, Eliana A. R.

 ·  Comparing abrasive wear and microhardness of 13 dental composite resins
Bianchi, Eduardo C.; Aguiar, Paulo R. de; Alves, Manoel C. S.; Freitas, César A. de; Rodrigues, Ana R.; Carvalho Jr., Oscar B. de

 ·  Recycling of laminated glass: the use of low granulometry glasses as abrasive filler in the formulation of varnishes for wood flooring application
Vargas, Isabella M.; Wiebeck, Hélio

 ·  Chelating resins for recovery of mercury: the main routes of synthesis
Cunha, Luciana da; Gomes, Ailton S.; Coutinho, Fernanda M. B.; Teixeira, Viviane G.

 ·  Evaluation of MIC/FT-IR/DSC techniques for multilayer films characterization
Nogueira, Luciano M.; Dutra, Rita C.L.; Diniz, Milton F.; Pires, Marcia; Evangelista, Mônica; Santana, Fernanda A.; Tomasi, Leandro; Santos, Priscila dos; Nonemacher, Regina

 ·  A review on suspension polymerization processes
Machado, Fabricio; Lima, Enrique L.; Pinto, José Carlos