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Revista da Associação Médica Brasileira
Print version ISSN 0104-4230


Table of contents
Rev. Assoc. Med. Bras. vol.46 n.2 São Paulo Apr./June 2000

 ·  A medicina na época do Descobrimento do Brasil e no início do ano 2000
Di Dio, Liberato J. A.

 Original Articles
 ·  Total serum IgE level in atopic and non-atopic individuals in Porto Alegre, RS
Spalding, S.M.; Wald, V.; Bernd, L.A. G.

 ·  Chemically induced esophagogastric acute injury
Corsi, P. R.; Hoyos, M. B. L.; Rasslan, S.; Viana, A. de T.; Gagliardi, D.

 ·  Scintigraphic evaluation of chronic osteomyelitis with technetium-99m labeled polyclonal immunoglobulin
Sapienza, M.T.; Hironaka, F.; Lima, A.L.L.M.; Yamaga, L.Y.I; Hamada, E.; Watanabe, T.; Costa, P.A.; Buchpiguel, C.A.

 ·  Comparative study of intestinal anastomoses with manual suture and biofragmentable ring in dogs under corticosteroid administration
Fernandes, L. C.; Matos, D.; Novelli, M. D.; Kim, S. B.

 ·  Lupus nephritis: a long term follow-up
Martins, R. S.; Carvalho, M. F.; Soares, V. A.

 ·  Morphologic changes of the lesser gastric curvature after segmental gastrectomy associated to proximal gastric vagotomy. Experimental study in dogs
Watanabe, L. M.; Andrade, J. I.; C. Neto, F. F.; Ceneviva, R.

 ·  Transjugular liver biopsy: experience in patients with suspected chronic liver disease and contraindication for percutaneous liver biopsy using modified Ross needle
Maciel, A. C.; Barros, S. G. Silva de; Tarasconi, D. P.; Severo Júnior, L. C. V.; Cerski, C. T. S.; Ilha, D. de O.

 ·  Natural history of noise induced hearing loss
Almeida, S. I. C. de; Albernaz, P. L. M.; Zaia, P. A.; Xavier, O. G.; Karazawa, E. H. I.

 ·  Applicability of the Torrington and Henderson scale
Faresin, S.M.; Barros, J.A. de; Beppu, O.S.; Peres, C. de A.; Atallah, A.N.

 ·  Airway pressure release ventilation in post operative cardiac surgery in pediatric patients
Carvalho, W. B. de; Kopelman, B.I.; Gurgueira, G. L.; Bonassa, J.

 ·  Bronchoscopy in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Silva, R.M. da; Chterpensque, A.

 ·  Effect of combined treatment with calcitonin on bone densitometry of patients with treated hypothyroidism
Stamato, F. J. da C.; Amarante, E. C. J.; Furlanetto, R. P.

 Review Article
 ·  Emprego do retalho microcirúrgico antebraquial na reconstrução em cabeça e pescoço: experiência de 11 casos
Aki, F. E.; Besteiro, J. M.; Pinto, F. R.; Durazzo, M. D.; Cunha, A. dos S.; S. Filho, G. de B.; Ferraz, A. R.

 ·  Brazil 500 Years. A jesuit anatomical nomenclature soonafter the Discovery
Bezerra, A.J.C.; Bezerra, R.F.A.; Di Dio, L.J.A.