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Gestão & Produção
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Table of contents
Gest. Prod. vol.17 no.2 São Carlos  2010

Pereira, Néocles Alves; Alves Filho, Alceu Gomes

Barriers to new coordination forms in the cashew nut agricultural system in northeast of Brazil
Souza Filho, Hildo Meirelles de; Guanziroli, Carlos Enrique; Figueiredo, Adelson Martins; Valente Júnior, Aírton Saboya

An integrated model for product development process and initial strategic planning of academic spin-offs
Gomes, Leonardo Augusto de Vasconcelos; Salerno, Mario Sergio

Product development process management in small and medium-sized Brazilian companies in the agricultural machinery and implement industry sector
Toledo, José Carlos de; Simões, Julianita Maria Scaranello

Improvements in the product development method proposed by Pahl and Beitz
Borges, Fábio Morais; Rodrigues, Celso Luiz Pereira

Project Portfolio Management: an exploratory study on the challenges of its implementation and results
Castro, Henrique Gonçalves de; Carvalho, Marly Monteiro de

Analysis and improvement of the process of economic, social, and environmental impact assessment of technologies from Embrapa Pecuária Sudeste
Bernardi, Alberto Carlos de Campos; Rodrigues, Armando de Andrade; Mendonça, Fernando Campos; Tupy, Oscar; Barioni Junior, Wladomiro; Primavesi, Odo

Developping an investimento analysis process based on competences
Nieweglowski, Ronald; Lima, Edson Pinheiro de; Costa, Sergio Eduardo Gouvea da

Financial compensations achieved by premium item suppliers in business-to-business transactions
Benevite, Fábio Rovian Pereira; Pereira, Giancarlo Medeiros; Sellitto, Miguel Afonso; Borchardt, Miriam

Manufacturing flexibility selection: an analogy to the stock portfolio management for risk and problem minimization in the manufacturing environment
Oliveira, Ualison Rébula; Marins, Fernando Augusto Silva; Dalcol, Paulo Roberto Tavares

Constructive heuristics methods to minimizing work in process in environment production hybrid flow shop with asymmetric sequence dependent setup times
Morais, Márcia de Fátima; Moccellin, João Vitor

Cost accounting vs. throughput accounting: answer to the lean production's demands
Queiroz, José Antonio de; Rentes, Antonio Freitas

Lean Office in health military organizations: case study in the health center of Campinas
Seraphim, Everton Cesar; Silva, Íris Bento da; Agostinho, Osvaldo Luis

Guidelines to implement occupational health and safety systems in automotive batteries manufacturers
Oliveira, Otávio José de; Oliveira, Alessandra Bizan de; Almeida, Renan Augusto de

Bloom's taxonomy and its adequacy to define instructional objective in order to obtain excellence in teaching
Ferraz, Ana Paula do Carmo Marcheti; Belhot, Renato Vairo

Use of distance learning technology to train production engineers at the Federal University of Itajubá: an Educational Assessment
Benfatti, Eliana de Fátima Souza Salomon; Stano, Rita de Cássia Magalhães Trindade