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Gestão & Produção
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Table of contents
Gest. Prod. vol.18 no.2 São Carlos  2011

The strategic relationship with suppliers: Embraer case study
Ferreira, Vanessa de Lima; Salerno, Mario Sergio; Lourenção, Paulo Tadeu de Mello

Relationship between assemblers and suppliers: theoretical models and case studies in the Brazilian auto industry
Vanalle, Rosangela Maria; Salles, José Antonio Arantes

Systems integration model in the aerospace industry: motivating factors
Guerra, João Henrique Lopes

Approaches for container loading problems with multi-drop considerations
Junqueira, Leonardo; Morabito, Reinaldo; Yamashita, Denise Sato

Proposition of a Customer Lifetime Value model to evaluate production system improvements
Camargo, Luís Felipe Riehs; Vaccaro, Guilherme Luis Roehe

Simplified methods for the minimization of open stacks problem
Carvalho, Marco Antonio Moreira de; Soma, Nei Yoshihiro

Financial logics and the Brazilian aviation market
Mundo Neto, Martin

Characteristics of Brazilian sugarcane ethanol fuel transactions between distributors and retail stations
Lopes, Maíra Bacha; Silva, Andrea Lago da; Paulillo, Luiz Fernando

Instrument for identifying consumer needs in the design development process: the case of an automobile design
Grzebieluckas, Cleci; Buson, Marcos Albuquerque; Queiroz, Shirley Gomes; Ensslin, Leonardo; Ensslin, Sandra; Nickel, Elton; Balbim, Alceu Junior

Knowledge system for acupuncture diagnosis: a modeling using commonKADS
Lopes, Luiz Fernando; Lopes, Maurício Capobianco; Fialho, Francisco Antonio Pereira; Gonçalves, Alexandre Leopoldo

Maturity and performance of teams in the production environment
Montanari, Robson Luiz; Pilatti, Luiz Alberto; Lima, Isaura Alberton de; Romano, Cezar Augusto

Application of a multicriteria decision method to support environmental management: Aggreko - Brazil - case study
Paoli, Damaris; Moraes, Luzia Alice Ferreira de

Identification of strategic focus and consistency between ends and means in footwear companies in the State of São Paulo
Bachega, Stella Jacyszyn; Godinho Filho, Moacir

Project management activity organization: links between competences and structure
Rabechini Junior, Roque; Carvalho, Marly Monteiro de; Rodrigues, Ivete; Sbragia, Roberto

Adoption of the modular strategy for companies in the automotive sector and the implications regarding the transfer of new product development activities: a multiple case study
Prieto, Evandro; Miguel, Paulo Augusto Cauchick