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Gestão & Produção
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Table of contents
Gest. Prod. vol.19 no.1 São Carlos  2012

Critical chain of the theory of constraints applied to executive engineering project management: a case study in a petroleum refinery
Silva, Éverton Maurer da; Rodrigues, Luis Henrique; Lacerda, Daniel Pacheco

A new heuristic for the minimization of tool switches problem
Chaves, Antônio Augusto; Senne, Edson Luiz França; Yanasse, Horacio Hideki

Critical analisys of quality management system audit conducted with in aerospace industries
Souza, Luciano Pereira de; Faria Neto, Antonio; Muniz Jr., Jorge

Lead time reduction and improved tardiness performance in small and medium sized Make-to-Order Companies: the Workload Control (WLC) approach, a solution for Production Planning and Control (PPC)
Thurer, Matthias; Godinho Filho, Moacir

A bibliometric analysis of strategy and performance measurement
Lacerda, Rogério Tadeu de Oliveira; Ensslin, Leonardo; Ensslin, Sandra Rolim

Digital human simulation for ergonomic workplace design: comparative study of cases
Braatz, Daniel; Menegon, Nilton Luiz; Fontes, Andréa Regina Martins; Tonin, Luiz Antonio

An user centered approach to the design of animal traction agricultural machinery
Romeiro Filho, Eduardo

Exploring new product development practices in small and medium enterprises in the medical device industry
Mendes, Glauco Henrique de Sousa; Toledo, José Carlos de

Combining geographic information systems for transportation and mixed integer linear programming in location-allocation problems
Mapa, Sílvia Maria Santana; Lima, Renato da Silva

The entrepreneurial process in firms created out of necessity
Ruppenthal, Janis Elisa; Cimadon, José Eduardo

Consultancy for small and medium enterprises: structure and organization of brazilian consulting services
Donadone, Júlio César; Silveira, Frederico Zenorini da; Ralio, Vanise Rafaela Zivieri

Strategic process in small technology-based companies: proposal of an evolutionary stage model for the medical & dental sector
Perussi Filho, Sergio; Escrivão Filho, Edmundo

Academic research published in the Management & Production Journal (G&P, 1999-2010): trends and future research directions
Bortollossi, Lucas Nogueira; Sampaio, Mauro

The evolution of the literature on innovation in cooperative relationships: a bibliometric study for the last two decades
Lopes, Ana Paula Vilas Boas Viveiros; Carvalho, Marly Monteiro de

An evaluation of the volatility of soybeans prices in the international market using high frequency data
Simões, Mario Domingues; Klotzle, Marcelo Cabus; Pinto, Antonio Carlos Figueiredo; Levrini, Gabriel