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Varia Historia
Print version ISSN 0104-8775


Table of contents
Varia hist. vol.25 no.41 Belo Horizonte Jan./June 2009

Paiva, Eduardo França

 Special Issue - Images of Slavery and Mestizajes
 ·  Slave images in Antiquity as self-representation
Binsfeld, Andrea

 ·  Who is mestizo? Discussing race mixture in Nova Granada Realm, XVI and XVII centuries
Rappaport, Joanne

 ·  Mills for manioc, not for sugar cane Frans Post's manioc mill
Soares, Mariza de Carvalho

 ·  Debret's Mestizo Indians and civilized savages reflections of interethinic relationships and mestizajes
Almeida, Maria Regina Celestino de

 ·  Taking pictures of the African Colonial World Moçambique, 1929
Silva, Ana Cristina Fonseca Nogueira da

 ·  Atlantic routes memory, heritage and slave representations on the Slave Route
Araújo, Ana Lucia

 ·  The sugar cane plantation in the Portuguese islands XV and XVI centuries
Magalhães, Joaquim Romero

 ·  "Indian writing": written culture and Indian memory in the Guarani reductions of Paraguay
Newman, Eduardo

 ·  Sincerally yours, friend, vassal, admirer...: comments about the historical individual and letter-writing at Minas Gerais during XVIIIth century
Fonseca, Paulo Miguel

 ·  One tourist in the Piemont Court dom Rodrigo de Souza Coutinho and the French and Italian Enlightenment (1778-1790)
Santos, Nívia Pombo Cirne dos

 ·  Enlightenment, slavery and slaves' health conditions in the New World
Eugênio, Alisson

 ·  Everyday contrasts: the sugar cane engenhos of northern Argentina as socio-cultural complex
Campi, Daniel

 ·  Representations of the1964's coup and the dictatorship in the media: meanings and silences in the roles ascribed to press, 1984-2004
Biroli, Flávia

 ·  Brazilian arms in Central America: a study in the perspective of the Brazilian's Arms Transfer Policy - PNEMEM (1974-1991)
Avila, Carlos Federico Domínguez

 ·  The absence of celibacy in the city of Goiás in the nineteenth century lust and sin
Silva, Maria da Conceição

 Review Essays
 ·  O fio e os rastros: verdadeiro, falso, fictício
Roiz, Diogo da Silva

 ·  Aleijadinho e o aeroplano o paraíso Barroco e a construção do herói colonial
Campos, Adalgisa Arantes

 ·  Mazagão: a cidade que atravessou o Atlântico
Furtado, Júnia Ferreira