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Varia Historia
Print version ISSN 0104-8775


Table of contents
Varia hist. vol.27 no.46 Belo Horizonte July./Dec. 2011

 Special Issue: Material elements of culture and heritage
 ·  Heritages from the slavery past: material culture and wealth in Minas Gerais
Martinez, Cláudia Eliane Parreiras Marques

 ·  Material culture, domestic space and musealization
Carvalho, Vânia Carneiro de

 ·  Culture, History, patrimony and museums
Poulot, Dominique

 ·  Craftwork culture cultural heritage, history and memory
Borges, Maria Eliza Linhares

 ·  The heritage of technical knowledge, between History and memory: the case of the deposits of invention in France and England in the eighteenth century
Hilaire-Pérez, Liliane

 ·  A history of practices in nourishment among workers in São Paulo city in two moments of the 20th century
Rodrigues, Jaime

 ·  The history of technical design in the Brazilian colonial architecture
Tognon, Marcos

 ·  Health and landscape: a contribution to the renew of rural lands (the case of Pozo Amargo, Cuenca Del Guadaira, España)
García, Jesús Raúl Navarro

 ·  The students presence: the interface between museums and schools in Brazil the 1950's
Knauss, Paulo

 ·  Indians private enslavement in colonial Amazon (XVII and XVIII centuries)
Chambouleyron, Rafael; Bombardi, Fernanda Aires

 ·  Immigrant grandfather, farmer father, coffee producer grandson: analysis of intergenerational trajectories in the Portuguese America (18th and 19th centuries)
Oliveira, Mônica Ribeiro de

 ·  On the fringes of freedom: aggregates, Indians, free Africans and manumitted slaves in Minas Gerais in the nineteenth century
Gonçalves, Andréa Lisly; Meyer, Marileide Lázara Cassoli

 ·  The mutualism in the world of work (Tucumán, Argentina, 1877-1914)
Teitelbaum, Vanesa

 ·  Science, positivism and agriculture: an analysis of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, industry and commerce in the First Republic
Bhering, Marcos Jungmann; Maio, Marcos Chor

 ·  Brazilian Association of Writers: dynamics of a dispute
Melo, Ana Amélia de Moura Cavalcante de

 ·  Linhares Collection digital library
Santos, Vilma Moreira dos; Santos, Silvana Aparecida Silva dos; Santos, Luiz Henrique dos

 Review Essays
 ·  SAFIER, Neil.Measuring the New World: Enlightenment Science and South America. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008, 387p.
Colacios, Roger Domenech

 ·  PORDEUS Jr. Ismael de A. Portugal em transe. Transnacionalização das religiões afro-brasileiras: conversão e performance. Lisboa: Imprensa de Ciências Sociais, 2009, 168 p.
Santos, Milton Silva dos