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Cerâmica vol.51 no.317 São Paulo Jan./Mar. 2005


Influence of steel fiber on the mechanical behavior of refractory castables upon drying
Peret, C. M.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Dispersion of nanoparticles of ZrO2 for the production of ZrO2 nanocomposites in Al2O3 matrix
Pierri, J. J.; Maestrelli, S. C.; Pallone, E. M. J. A.; Tomasi, R.

Microstructure engineering in the ZnO based varistor: evidence of homogeneity and correlation with chemical reactions
Nobre, M. A. L.; Dias, A. N. C.; Balan, A. M. O. A.; Lanfredi, S.

Substitution of Pb2+ for the La3+ in the crystalline lattice of the PZT ferroelectric system (53/47): influence on the structural, micro-structural and electric properties
de los Santos Guerra, J.; Barranco, P.; Calderón, F.; Garcia, D.; Eiras, J. A.

Time degradation of photoluminescence intensity of cerium doped aluminum oxide thin films
Viana, C. C. B.; Paes Jr., H. R.

Study of polyacrylate adsorption in a commercial varistor system: characterization of the physical-chemistry properties
Brito, S. L. M.; Gouvêa, D.; Ganzella, R.

Infiltration of aluminum salt into sisal to produce alumina fibers
Andrade Jr., T. E.; Martinelli, A. E.; Melo, D. M. A.; Nascimento, R. M.; Rambo, C.; Sieber, H.; Greil, P.

Ceramic tapes of Si-Al-O-N-C compounds using mixtures of polyssiloxane and Si-Al2O3 fillers
Rocha, R. M.; Scheffler, M.; Greil, P.; Bressiani, J. C.; Bressiani, A. H. A.

Sol-gel modified method for obtaining a-alumina nanocoated with rare earth
Maciel, A. P.; Leite, E. R.; Longo, E.; Varela, J. A.

Sintering studies of the Si3N4/TiC composite
Coutinho, A. C. S.; Bressiani, J. C.; Bressiani, A. H. A.

Luminescence and morphology of zinc aluminate doped with Eu3+ nanoparticles
Barros, B. S.; Melo, P. S.; Gama, L.; Alves-Jr, S.; Fagury-Neto, E.; Kiminami, R. H. G. A.; Costa, A. C. F. M.

Evaluation of physical-mechanical properties of a ceramic paste for porous wall tile (BIII)
Sousa, S. J. G.; Holanda, J. N. F.