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Cerâmica vol.55 no.336 São Paulo Oct./Dec. 2009


Surface energy of pure and doped tin oxide
Castro, R. H. R.; Hidalgo, P.; Gouvea, D.; Navrotsky, A.

Rheological behavior study of bentonite clays from Cubati, Paraíba, Brazil
Menezes, R. R.; Campos, L. F. A.; Ferreira, H. S.; Marques, L. N.; Neves, G. A.; Ferreira, H. C.

Microstructural analysis of porcelain stoneware tile mixture with the addition of roof tile residue
Melo, M. M. de; Pinheiro, A. S.; Nascimento, R. M.; Martinelli, A. E.; Dutra, R. P. S.; Melo, M. A. F.

Adsorption study of the cationic surfactant cetyl trimethylammonium bromide onto hydrous niobium oxide matrix
Pereira, P. H. F.; Peixoto, A. L. C.; Silva, M. L. C. P.

Microstructural variation of red ceramic incorporated with ornamental rock waste
Manhães, J. P. V. T.; Moreira, J. M. S.; Holanda, J. N. F.

Preparation of a composite coating of alumina reinforced polyester urethane by dip coating on polyamide 6 fibers
Sánchez, F. A. L.; Reifler, F. A.; Clemens, F.; Amico, S. C.; Bergmann, C. P.

Characterization and incorporation of wastes from Water Treatment Plant into clayey ceramic
Vitorino, J. P. D.; Monteiro, S. N.; Vieira, C. M. F.

Quantification of MgO surface segregation on SnO2 nanopowders prepared by chemical method
Gouvêa, D.; Castro, R. H. R.; Pereira, G. J.

Chelants as magnesia anti-hydration additives
Amaral, L. F.; Oliveira, I. R. de; Salomão, R.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Evaluation of solidification/stabilization process in the treatment of textile wastes: production of ceramic blocks
Ramos, F. M. S.; Kaminata, O. T.; Tavares, C. R. G.; Benatti, C. T.; Capelasso, M.; Innocenti, B. D.

Grog incorporation in ceramic mass for the manufacture of bricks: a study of the physical-mechanical properties
Gouveia, F. P.; Sposto, R. M.

Synthesis and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles coated with silica through a sol-gel approach
Andrade, A. L.; Souza, D. M.; Pereira, M. C.; Fabris, J. D.; Domingues, R. Z.

Fatigue damage induced and healing identification in particulate ceramic composites for application in flexible pavings
Nunes, F. R. G.; Silva, C. L. da; Frota, C. A. da

Permeability characterization of hot aerosol filters prepared with foaming of ceramic suspensions
Innocentini, M. D. M.; Romano, R. C. O.; Schreurs, H.; Rodrigues, V. P.; Coury, J. R.; Pileggi, R. G.

Performance of red ceramic recycled aggregate concrete
Cabral, A. E. B.; Schalch, V.; Dal Molin, D. C. C.; Ribeiro, J. L. D.; Ravindrarajah, Rasiah Sri