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Cerâmica vol.56 no.337 São Paulo Jan./Mar. 2010


Photothermal survey of red clay: measurements of thermal and structural properties
Mota, L.; Toledo, R.; Bastos Filho, R. P.; Vargas, H.; Faria Jr, R. T.

Colorimetric study of feldsphatic frits
Santos, S. F; Andrade, M. C; França, S. C. A; Ogasawara, T

MgO grain size and the thermal shock performance of in-situ spinel refractory castables
Cintra, G. B; Braulio, M. A. L; Bittencourt, L. R. M; Pandolfelli, V. C

In-situ formation or pre-formed spinel addition: which one is better for high alumina refractory castable?
Sako, E. Y; Milanez, D. H; Braulio, M. A. L; Bittencourt, L. R. M; Pandolfelli, V. C

Sonochemical action and the influence of heat treatment conditions on the preparation of cements of the CaO-Al2O3 binary system
Lourenço, R. R; Exposito, C. C. D; Angélica, R. S; Rodrigues, J. A

Basalt mine-tailings as raw-materials for Portland clinker
Andrade, F. R. D; Pecchio, M; Bendoraitis, D. P; Montanheiro, T. J; Kihara, Y

Organophilization process of Brazilian vermiculite with cetyltrimethyl ammonium chloride
Gomes, E. V. D; Visconte, L. L. Y; Pacheco, E. B. A. V

Performance of natural and modified smectite: kinetic and thermodynamics involving arsenic (V) adsorption
Guerra, D. L; Airoldi, C; Viana, R. R

New fluxes for the production of bone china
Ballvé, M. P; Bragança, S. R

Influence of granule size distribution of clays for dry route on milling yield in the hammer mill
Alves, H. J.; Zauberas, R. T.; Boschi, A. O.

Potential of kaolinitic clay from Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ, in the production of pozzolan for high-strength concrete
Cordeiro, G. C; Désir, J. M

Mechanical properties of composite materials based on portland cement and epoxy resin
Panzera, T. H.; Sabariz, A. L. R.; Strecker, K.; Borges, P. H. R.; Vasconcelos, D. C. L.; Wasconcelos, W. L.

Influence of the incorporation of waste of slag of welding flux on the technological properties of multiple use mortar and red ceramic for civil construction
Viana, C. E; Dias, D. P; Paranhos, R. P. R; Holanda, J. N. F

Calcium aluminate cement and its effects on in-situ spinel containing magnesia refractory castables
Milanez, D. H; Sako, E. Y; Maia, M. F; Braulio, M. A. L; Bittencourt, L. R. M; Pandolfelli, V. C

Effect of the addition of ceramic polymeric precursor on alumina sintering
Godoy, A. L. E; Bressiani, J. C; Bressiani, A. H. A