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Cerâmica vol.56 no.338 São Paulo Apr./June 2010


Grinding of alumina with diamod wheel using different cooling methods
Alves, M. C. S; Neto, L. D; Bianchi, E. C; Aguiar, P. R; Fujita, H; Silva, E. J

Binding systems for mulitized castables
Magliano, M. V. M; Pandolfelli, V. C

Development of equipment for non-destructive characterization of elastic moduli of ceramic materials
Pereira, A. H. A; Venet, M; Tonnesen, T; Rodrigues, J. A

Microstructural, compositional and hardness characterization of the archaeological indigenous ceramics of Caninhas, SP, Brazil
Nakano, F. P; Ribeiro, R. B; Rosa, S. J. L; Bornal, W. G; Queiroz, C. M; Taguchi, S. P

Processing and morphological characterization of Al2O3-YAG composite with niobia addition
Cabral, R. F; Prado da Silva, M. H.; Louro, L. H. L; Campos, J. B; Costa, C. R. C; Lima, E. S

Effects of calcium aluminate cement addition on magnesia hydration
Salomão, R; Amaral, L. F; Pandolfelli, V. C

Characteristics of colloidal silica and its effects on refractory castables
Magliano, M. V. M; Pandolfelli, V. C

Biomechanical behavior of dental ceramics: review
Martins, L. M; Lorenzoni, F. C; Farias, B. C; Lopes, L. D. S; Bonfante, G; Rubo, J. H

Synthesis of coloured ceramic pigments by using chromite and manganese ores mixtures
Aly, M. H; Ismael, I. S; Bondioli, F

Evaluation of the crystalline phases of supported titanium dioxide in red ceramic
Saleiro, G. T; Cardoso, S. L; Toledo, R; Holanda, J. N. F

Utilization of smectit clays from the northeast of Brazil for preparing an organophilic adsorber
Cavalcanti, J. V. F. L; da Motta, M.; Abreu, C. A. M; Baraúna, O. S; Portela, L. A. P

Development of aqueous fluids with bentonite clay for drilling of onshore oil wells
Nascimento, R. C. A. M; Amorim, L. V; Santana, L. N. L

Effects of the different glazed ceramic surfaces on the bond of orthodontic brackets
Dalvi, A. C; Bolognese, A. M

Synthesis and structural characterization of the Ca2MnReO6 double perovskite
Corrêa, H. P. S; Cavalcante, I. P; Souza, D. O; Santos, E. Z; Orlando, M. T. D; Belich, H; Silva, F. J; Medeiro, E. F; Pires, J. M; Passamai, J. L; Martinez, L. G; Rossi, J. L

Ceramic matrices applied to aerostatic porous journal bearings: material characterization and bearing modeling
Silveira, Z. C; Nicoletti, R; Fortulan, C. A; Purquerio, B. M