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Cerâmica vol.56 no.339 São Paulo July 2010


Joining of zirconia mechanically metallized with titanium
Pimenta, J. S.; Buschinelli, A. J. A.; Nascimento, R. M. do; Martinelli, A. E.; Remmel, J.

Changing the magnesia grain size: an example of refractory ceramics complexity
Braulio, M. A. L.; Milanez, D. H.; Sako, E. Y.; Bittencourt, L. R. M.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Surface characterization of BaTiO3 nanoparticles prepared by the polymeric precursor method
Brito, S. L. M.; Gouvêa, D.

Effect of the firing temperature on some mechanical properties of red ceramic
Pinheiro, B. C. A.; Holanda, J. N. F.

Use of electro-fused alumina production waste for the production of ceramic bricks and roof tiles
Menezes, R. R.; Marques, L. N.; Santana, L. N. L.; Kiminami, R. H. G. A.; Neves, G. A.; Ferreira, H. S.

Thermogravimetric and spectroscopic characterization of acidic properties of ZSM-22 zeolite
Loiola, A. R.; Andrade, J. C. R. de A.; Sasaki, J. M.; Silva, L. R. D. da; Nassar, E. J.

Hydraulic binders and magnesium oxide hydration in refractory castables
Salomão, R.; Bittencourt, L. R. M.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Study of the use of alternative fluxing agents for feldspar in porcelainized stoneware tile compositions
Baucia Jr., J. A.; Koshimizu, L.; Gibertoni, C.; Morelli, M. R.

Role of Cr2O3 on the mullittization of di-phasic Al2O3-SiO2 gel
Roy, Jagannath; Bandyopadhyay, Narayan; Das, Santanu; Maitra, Saikat

Effect of the use of sand in the processing and properties of red ceramics
Queiroz, L. F. T.; Monteiro, S. N.; Vieira, C. M. F.

Identification of an appropriate body composition for red clay products
Hettiarachchi, P.; Motha, J. T. S.; Pitawala, H. M. T. G. A.

Spodumene rock as a flux for traditional ceramic bodies
Bragança, S. R.; Lengler, H. C. M.; Bergmann, C. P.

Hardness and wear resistance of the ZrN layer made by plasma nitriding of yttria partially-stabilized zirconia
Milani, R.; Lorenzi, R. F. de L.; Soares, G. V.; Figueroa, C. A.; Cardoso, R. P.; Belmonte, T.; Baumvol, I. J. R.; Perottoni, C. A.; Zorzi, J. E.

Magnesium oxide hydration in presence of hydratable alumina
Salomão, R.; Villas-Bôas, M. C. O.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Correlation between changes in mechanical strength and damping of a high alumina refractory castable progressively damaged by thermal shock
Pereira, A. H. A.; Fortes, G. M.; Schickle, B.; Tonnesen, T.; Musolino, B.; Maciel, C. D.; Rodrigues, J. A.