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Cerâmica vol.57 no.344 São Paulo Oct./Dec. 2011


Spring constant of low-pressure injection molded ceramic springs
Barbieri, R. A.; Zorzi, J. E.

Sludge generated in the water treatment plant Tamanduá, Foz do Iguaçu, PR, as an additive in clay for red ceramic: Part II: incorporation of sludge mixed with clay to produce red ceramic
Tartari, R.; Módenes, A. N.; Pianaro, S. A.; Díaz-Mora, N.

Durability study of alternative mortars containing wastes
Farias Filho, J.; Menezes, R. R.; Ferreira, H. S.; Santana, L. N. L.; Neves, G. A.; Ferreira, H. C.

New transparent ferroelectric ceramics with high electro-optical coefficients: PLMN-PT
Londoño, F. A.; Eiras, J. A.; Garcia, D.

Rolling study of ceramic substrates from concentrate alumina suspensions
Setz, L. F. G.; Koshimizu, L.; Pardo, A. R. F.; Morelli, M. R.

Optimization of the milling and drying processes of alumina/TiC powder obtained by reactive milling
Trombini, V.; Bressiani, A. H. A.; Pallone, E. M. J. A.; Tomasi, R.

Glassy surface functionalization by SiCl4 plasma aiming at organic compounds retaining
Assis, O. B. G.; Paterno, L. G.

Potential barrier behavior in BiCuVOX materials
Gheno, S. M.; Paulin F., P. I.; Morelli, M. R.

The evaluation of the bond resin and vitrified and abrasive grain CBN and alumina influence in the grinding wheel topography characteristics, by the study of the grinding wheel sharpness
Bianchi, E. C.; Monici, R. D.; Neto, L. D.; Aguiar, A. R. de; Guermandi, L. G.

Influence of Y2O3 on rapid sintering of commercial mullite
Souto, P. M.; Menezes, R. R.; Kiminami, R. H. G. A.

Occurrence of a new brazilian bentonite in the weathered basalts of the Mosquito formation, Parnaíba basin, southern Maranhão, Brazil
Paz, S. P. A.; Angélica, R. S.; Neves, R. F.; Neumann, R.; Costa, G. M. da

Sintering and mechanical properties of porcelains prepared from algerian raw materials
Kitouni, S.; Harabi, A.

Determination of kinetic parameters of sintering of ceramic type BIIa single firing
Cargnin, M.; Souza, S. M. A. G. U. de; Souza, A. A. U. de; Noni Jr., A. De

Preliminary evaluation of sandstones from northeastern Brazil with pozzolanic properties for Portland cement
Picanço, M. S.; Angélica, R. S.; Barata, M. S.

Characterization of Tabajara Mine ceramic raw materials (Limeira, SP)
Godoy, L. H.; Moreno, M. M. T.; Zanardo, A.

Mineralogy and geochemistry of occurrence of palygorskite of Alcântara, S. Luís-Grajaú basin, Maranhão, Brazil
Amorim, K. B.; Angélica, R. S.

Use of simplex lattice experimental design in the study of ornamental rock waste as filler to obtain maximum compaction
Destefani, A. Z.; Holanda, J. N. F.

Errata: Densificação, tamanho de grãos e condutividade elétrica da céria-samária