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Cerâmica vol.58 no.346 São Paulo abr./jun. 2012


Consolidation of policarboxilates containing cement pastes: a calorimetric and rheological study
Lyra, J. S.; Romano, R. C. O.; Pileggi, R. G.; Gouvêa, D.

Wetting evaluation of a refractory castable matrix (Al2O3-SiC-SiO2-C) by synthetic slags containing different amounts of MgO
Luz, A. P.; Ribeiro, S.; Domiciano, V. G.; Brito, M. A. M.; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Electrical and microstructural properties of microwave sintered SnO2-based varistors
Furtado, P. S.; Oliveira, M. M.; Vasconcelos, J. S.; Rangel, J. H. G.; Longo, E.; Sousa, V. C de

Use of the extraction residue of emeralds in a formulation mass of ceramic tiles
Cavalcante, R. F.; Nascimento, R. M.; Paskocimas, C. A.; Dutra, R. P. S.

Brazing of metalized zirconia with titanium to Ti-6Al-4V alloy
Pimenta, J. S.; Buschinelli, A. J. A.; Nascimento, R. M. do; Martinelli, A. E.; Reisgen, U.

Study of flux and mudstone with potential for using in porcelainized stoneware tile compositions
Hoffmann, F. S.; Santos, G. dos; Morelli, M. R.

Catalytic reforming of methane over 1.5%Ni/α-Al2O3 doped with different metallic elements
Neiva, L. S.; Costa, A. C. F. M.; Andrade, H. M. C.; Gama, L.

Effect of the exposure time in cokemaking atmosphere on the microstructure and properties of a refractory castable used in the petrochemical industry
Cabrelon, M. D.; Pereira, A. H. A.; Medeiros, J.; Toledo-Filho, R. D.; Rodrigues, J. A.

Tribocorrosive behavior of odontological Ni-Cr/porcelain and Ni-Cr/Ti/porcelain metal-ceramic systems
Araújo, A. M. A. de; Martinelli, A. E.; Nascimento, R. M. do; Melo, D. M. A.; Medeiros, A. L.; Rocha, L. A. S. M da; Ávila, E. A.

Study of the gem residue (sludge) addition in bulk red ceramics
Bruxel, F. R.; Oliveira, E. C.; Stulp, S.; Muller, C. S.; Etchepare, H. D.

Moisture expansion of ceramic tiles produced using kaolin and granite wastes
Mendonça, A. M. G. D.; Cartaxo, J. M.; Menezes, R. R.; Santana, L. N. L; Neves, G. A.; Ferreira, H. C.

Analysis of the influence of two different milling processes on the properties of beta-TCP precursor powder and cement
Cardoso, H. A. I.; Motisuke, M.; Zavaglia, C. A. C.

Algorithm to determine the damping of ceramic materials by the impulse excitation technique
Pereira, A. H. A.; Musolino, B.; Maciel, C. D.; Rodrigues, J. A.

Zeolite A synthesized from wastes of kaolin improvement process
Santana, D. L.; Saraiva, A. C. F.; Neves, R. F.; Silva, D. L.

Innovation management and competitive capacity: a non-parametric analysis in the red ceramic sector of Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ, Brazil
Rocha, A. F.; Palma, M. A. M.

Effect of airborne particle abrasion protocols on surface topography of Y-TZP ceramic
Queiroz, J. R. C.; Paulo, G. P.; Özcan, M.; Nogueira Jr, L.

The effect of heat-treatment at 300 ºC on pore structure connectivity of Portland cement mortars reinforced by polypropylene fibers
Amaral, E. C.; Botelho, R. A.; Lameiras, F. S.; Reis, S. C.; Tolentino, E.

Grinding wheel surface cleaning using a compressed air system, in external plunge grinding of ceramics using the minimum quantity lubricant (MQL) technique
Bianchi, E. C.; Diniz, A. E.; Pereira, M. G.; Silva Neto, J. F. da; Aguiar, P. R. de; Guermandi, L. G.

Reuse of ash coal in the formulation of mortars
Siqueira, J. S.; Souza, C. A. G.; Souza, J. A. S.