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Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy
versión On-line ISSN 1809-9246


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Rev. bras. fisioter. vol.16 no.3 São Carlos mayo/jun. 2012

 ·  Residencies in federal hospitals: incorporation of physical therapy in the system
Rebelatto, José Rubens; Michel, Jeanne Liliane Marlene

 Review Article
 ·  Effects of electrical stimulation and stretching on the adaptation of denervated skeletal muscle: implications for physical therapy
Salvini, Tania F.; Durigan, João L. Q.; Peviani, Sabrina M.; Russo, Thiago L.

 Originals Articles
 ·  Effects of strength and flexibility training on functional performance of healthy older people
Locks, Rafaella R.; Costa, Tatiana C.; Koppe, Soraia; Yamaguti, Anelize M.; Garcia, Maurício C.; Gomes, Anna R. S.

 ·  Self-controlled feedback enhances learning in adults with Down syndrome
Chiviacowsky, Suzete; Wulf, Gabriele; Machado, Camila; Rydberg, Nels

 ·  A controlled clinical trial on the effects of exercise on neuropsychiatric disorders and instrumental activities in women with Alzheimer's disease
Nascimento, Carla M. C.; Teixeira, Camila V. L.; Gobbi, Lilian T. B.; Gobbi, Sebastião; Stella, Florindo

 ·  Cross-cultural adaptation and reliability analysis of the Brazilian version of Pediatric Balance Scale (PBS)
Ries, Lílian G. K.; Michaelsen, Stella M.; Soares, Patrícia S. A.; Monteiro, Vanessa C.; Allegretti, Kátia M. G.

 ·  Comparison of three hand dynamometers in relation to the accuracy and precision of the measurements
Amaral, Josária F.; Mancini, Marcelly; Novo Júnior, José M.

 ·  Evolution of respiratory muscle strength in post-operative gastroplasty
Parreira, Verônica F.; Matos, Clarissa M. P.; Athayde, Filipe T. S.; Moraes, Karoline S.; Barbosa, Mariana H.; Britto, Raquel R.

 ·  Changes in FDB and soleus muscle activity after a train of stimuli during upright stance
Okai, Liria A.; Kohn, André F.

 ·  Do muscle strengthening exercises improve performance in the 6-minute walk test in postmenopausal women?
Reis, Júlia G.; Costa, Gustavo C.; Schmidt, André; Ferreira, Cristine H. J.; Abreu, Daniela C. C.

 ·  Chest physical therapy is effective in reducing the clinical score in bronchiolitis: randomized controlled trial
Gomes, Évelim L. F. D.; Postiaux, Guy; Medeiros, Denise R. L.; Monteiro, Kadma K. D. S.; Sampaio, Luciana M. M.; Costa, Dirceu

 ·  Attitudes and beliefs of Brazilian physical therapists about chronic low back pain: a cross-sectional study
Magalhães, Maurício O.; Costa, Leonardo O. P.; Cabral, Cristina M. N.; Machado, Luciana A. C.

 ·  Proposal of non-invasive experimental model to induce scoliosis in rats
Silva, Carlos A.; Guirro, Rinaldo R. J.; Delfino, Gabriel B.; Arruda, Eder J.