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Psicologia em Estudo
On-line version ISSN 1807-0329


Table of contents
Psicol. estud. vol.11 no.2 Maringá May/Aug. 2006

 ·  O Ato Médico e suas implicações

 Dossiê - Psicologia e Saúde
 ·  Reflections about the neoevangelic culture  and the neoliberalism
Klein, Alejandro

 ·  Evaluation of therapeutic relations in asynchronous therapy via internet through working alliance inventory
Prado, Oliver Zancul; Meyer, Sonia Beatriz

 ·  Why leading patients to be assisted by a psychotherapist? - a discussion considering the perspectives of psychologists and psychiatrists
Londero, Igor; Pacheco, Janaína Thais Barbosa

 ·  Terapia cognitivo-comportamental da fobia social: modelos e técnicas
D'El Rey, Gustavo J. Fonseca; Pacini, Carla Alessandra

 ·  Prematurity and mother-child interaction: a systematic bibliographycal review
Klein, Vivian Caroline; Linhares, Maria Beatriz Martins

 ·  Adoptive families: identity and difference
Schettini, Suzana Sofia Moeller; Amazonas, Maria Cristina Lopes de Almeida; Dias, Cristina Maria de Souza Brito

 ·  Sexual abuse and sociometry: a study of affective bonds in incestuous families
Matias, Delane Pessoa

 ·  Families at the mental health network: a brief schizoanalytical essay
Romagnoli, Roberta Carvalho

 ·  Mental health problems of children and adolescents assisted by a public service of psychology directed to children
Santos, Patricia Leila dos

 ·  The role of health professionals in policies regarding hospital humanization
Mota, Roberta Araújo; Martins, Cileide Guedes de Melo; Véras, Renata Meira

 ·  Sexual relationships and infections sexually transmitted and aids prevention among women in Vitória-ES, Brazil
Amorim, Melissa Mattos; Andrade, Ângela Nobre de

 ·  Linkings between patients' personality and bone marrow transplant survival: bibliographical review
Peres, Rodrigo Sanches; Santos, Manoel Antônio dos

 ·  Relations between anxiety, depression and hopelessness among elderly groups
Oliveira, Katya Luciane de; Santos, Acácia Aparecida Angeli dos; Cruvinel, Mirian; Néri, Anita Liberalesso

 ·  Perception of death by oncologycal patient along its development
Borges, Alini Daniéli Viana Sabino; Silva, Elisângela Ferreira da; Mazer, Sheila Maria; Toniollo, Patrícia Bighetti; Valle, Elizabeth Ranier Martins do; Santos, Manoel Antônio dos

 ·  Anabolic steroids: concepts according to muscular activity practisers in Aracaju (SE)
Santos, André Faro; Mendonça, Priscilla Maria Habib; Santos, Lidiane dos Anjos; Silva, Naiara Franca; Tavares, Juliana Karine Leite

 ·  Ethics, clinic, and directives: psychologist's qualification, in times of course assessment
Ferreira Neto, João Leite; Penna, Lícia Mara Dias

 ·  Drive, affect and passion: psychoanalysis and semiotics
Beividas, Waldir

 ·  The symptom: from Freud to Lacan
Dias, Maria das Graças Leite Villela

 ·  Tools for a type of social psychology
Diehl, Rafael; Maraschin, Cleci; Tittoni, Jaqueline

 ·  Social exclusion and social responsibility in business
Araújo, Marley Rosana Melo de

 ·  Identity, narrative and development in adolescence: a critical review
Oliveira, Maria Claudia Santos Lopes de

 ·  The construction of difference: urban young people and their relationships with the other
Castro, Lucia Rabello de; Mattos, Amana Rocha; Juncken, Elaine Teixeira; Monteiro, Renata Alves de Paula; Villela, Helena Antunes Maciel

 ·  A estatística para pesquisadores
Wachelke, João Fernando Rech