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Psicologia em Estudo
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Table of contents
Psicol. estud. vol.14 no.2 Maringá Apr./June 2009

 ·  Na contramão para o rumo certo
Tuleski, Silvana

 ·  "When they grow, they fly": maternal feelings and perceptions concerning child development at 18 - 20 months
Lopes, Rita de Cássia Sobreira; Vivian, Aline Groff; Oliveira, Débora S. de; Silva, Carla da; Piccinini, Cesar Augusto; Tudge, Jonathan

 ·  Contributions of the joint attention ability to the infant social cognition
Aquino, Fabíola de Sousa Braz; Salomão, Nádia Maria Ribeiro

 ·  The feeling of gratitude in 5- to 12-year-old children
Freitas, Lia Beatriz de Lucca; Silveira, Paula Grazziotin; Pieta, Maria Adélia Minghelli

 ·  Indetermination, multidimensionality and relevance of the process of meaning construction
Correia, Mônica F. B.

 ·  Interpersonal and academic achievement of portuguese adolescents
Feitosa, Fabio Biasotto; Matos, Margarida Gaspar de; Del Prette, Zilda A. P.; Del Prette, Almir

 ·  Psychiatry, mental health and bio-power: life, control and modulation in contemporary society
Rauter, Cristina; Peixoto, Paulo de Tarso de Castro

 ·  Psychologist in the psychiatric reform process: deconstruction practices?
Sales, André Luis Leite de Figueiredo; Dimenstein, Magda

 ·  Consideration about psychological assessment of psychiatric co morbidity in obese
Costa, Fabiana Silva; Bandeira, Denise Ruschel; Trentini, Clarissa; Brilmann, Mirian; Friedman, Rogério; Nunes, Maria Angélica

 ·  Cognitive tracking of institutionalized aged in the county of Jequié- BA
Reis, Luciana Araújo dos; Torres, Gilson de Vasconcelos; Araújo, Carla Cristina de; Reis, Luana Araújo dos; Novaes, Lana Karina Nascimento

 ·  Hypnosis, pain and subjectivity: theoretical and clinical considerations
Neubern, Maurício da Silva

 ·  Stigmatization and conjugality concerning voluntary childless couples
Rios, Maria Galrão; Gomes, Isabel Cristina

 ·  The acquisition of language in the child with Autism: a case study
Delfrate, Christiane de Bastos; Santana, Ana Paula de Oliveira; Massi, Giselle de Athaíde

 ·  A literature revision about the application of the brief motivational interviewing in harmful users and alcohol dependents
Sales, Cristiane Martins Baía; Figlie, Neliana Buzi

 ·  The psychological impact caused by an environmental and chemical accident with diesel oil
Lino, Carina Rodrigues Garcia; Pacheco-Ferreira, Heloísa

 ·  Desgaste psíquico e problemas de saúde em estudantes de psicologia
Figueiredo-Ferraz, Hugo; Cardona, Sara; Gil-Monte, Pedro

 ·  Adult survivors of child cancer: a literature review
Teles, Shirley Santos; Valle, Elizabeth Ranier Martins do

 ·  Temporality and spatiality in the structure of the self in the semiotic and dialogical approaches
Souza, Mariane Lima de; Gomes, William B.

 ·  The lived-time in the phenomenological perspective of Eugène Minkowski
Costa, Virginia E. Suassuna Martins; Medeiros, Marcelo

 ·  Cognition and emotion in the dynamics of the affective folding
Rocha, Jerusa Machado; Kastrup, Virgínia

 ·  A look at the love in the occident
Pretto, Zuleica; Maheirie, Kátia; Toneli, Maria Juracy Filgueiras

 Reports on Professional Experience
 ·  The terapeutic workshop like intercession in problematic of the individuals constituted by the foreclosure
Hainz, Carine Goto; Costa-Rosa, Abílio