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Interface - Comunicação, Saúde, Educação
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Table of contents
Interface (Botucatu) vol.13 no.28 Botucatu Jan./Mar. 2009

 ·  Narratives on the health-disease process: experiences in health education operational groups
Favoreto, Cesar Augusto Orazem; Cabral, Cristiane Coelho

 ·  Why are alcoholics anonymous? Anonymity and identity in treating alcoholism
Campos, Edemilson Antunes de

 ·  Singularities of aging: reflections from conversations with an institutionalized elderly person
Gamburgo, Lilian Juana Levenbach de; Monteiro, Maria Inês Bacellar

 ·  Female sexuality in magazines
Zucco, Luciana Patrícia; Minayo, Maria Cecília de Souza

 ·  Knowledge and curricular practices: an analysis on a university-level healthcare course
Lemos, Cristiane Lopes Simão; Fonseca, Selva Guimarães de

 ·  Medical training grounded in problem-based learning: a qualitative evaluation
Gomes, Romeu; Francisco, Anete Maria; Tonhom, Silvia Franco da Rocha; Costa, Maria Cristina Guimarães da; Hamamoto, Cássia Galli; Pinheiro, Osni Lázaro; Moreira, Haydée Maria; Hafner, Maria de Lourdes Marmorato Botta

 ·  The place of psychology in medical education
Aragaki, Sérgio Seiji; Spink, Mary Jane Paris

 ·  The body and training for physical education teachers
Lüdorf, Sílvia Maria Agatti

 ·  Construction of professional identity in undergraduate courses for nutritionists
Banduk, Maria Luiza Sampaio; Ruiz-Moreno, Lidia; Batista, Nildo Alves

 ·  Subjective aspects of living and working within the same community: the realities experienced by community healthcare agents
Jardim, Tatiana de Andrade; Lancman, Selma

 ·  Discourse construction among subjects involved in the process of psychiatric reform: a study on the municipality of Joinville, Santa Catarina
Bueno, Maria Lúcia da Silva; Caponi, Sandra

 ·  De-institutionalization of care for people with mental disorders within primary healthcare settings: contributions towards implementation of actions
Dalla Vecchia, Marcelo; Martins, Sueli Terezinha Ferreira

 ·  Actions addressing violence against women at two primary healthcare centers in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro
Borsoi, Tatiana dos Santos; Brandão, Elaine Reis; Cavalcanti, Maria de Lourdes Tavares

 Open Space
 ·  Disabled people in primary healthcare: professionals' discourse and practice in a healthcare teaching center
Othero, Marilia Bense; Dalmaso, Ana Sílvia Whitaker

 ·  Young people and drug consumption: workshops to provide tools for workers in social institutions, from a collective health perspective
Soares, Cássia Baldini; Campos, Célia Maria Sivalli; Leite, Adriana de Souza; Souza, Cristina Lourdes Leite de

 ·  The social representations of employees of a long-stay institution in the interior of Minas Gerais regarding violence
Kullok, Alcione Tavora; Santos, Ivana de Cássia Baptista dos

 ·  In the eye of the hurricane, on fantasy island: the invention of multiprofessional residence within healthcare
Dallegrave, Daniela; Kruse, Maria Henriqueta Luce

 ·  About the multiprofessional residence in health
Haddad, Ana Estela

 ·  The eye of hurricane: contribution to the debate about the multiprofessional residence in health
Feuerwerker, Laura

 ·  About the "eye of hurricane"
Da Ros, Marco Aurélio

 ·  "To connect people: sweet wave of the war"- about the invention of multiprofessional residence in health
Ceccim, Ricardo Burg

 ·  Reply

 ·  Interação mediada por computador: comunicação, cibercultura, cognição
Lüersen, Angélica

 ·  Meaning of life, spirituality, sociopoetics: convergens for the production of new knowledge and the clinical care
Araújo, Michell Ângelo Marques

 ·  An examination of São Paulo's pioneer response to the Aids epidemic
França, Martha San Juan

 ·  "Mercosul: por onde passa a saúde"
Gomes, Radilson Carlos