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Interface - Comunicação, Saúde, Educação
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Table of contents
Interface (Botucatu) vol.15 no.37 Botucatu Apr./June 2011

 ·  Humanization-alienation dialectic as a tool for the critical comprehension of health practices dehumanization: some conceptual elements
Gomes, Rogério Miranda; Schraiber, Lilia Blima

 ·  The management of nursing work in a pediatric ward of medium and high complexity: a discussion about co-management and humanization
Alves, Camila Aloísio; Deslandes, Suely Ferreira; Mitre, Rosa Maria de Araújo

 ·  Moral conflicts and AIDS healthcare: conceptual contributions to a discourse ethics of care
Oliveira, Luzia Aparecida; Ayres, José Ricardo de Carvalho Mesquita; Zoboli, Elma Lourdes Campos Pavone

 ·  Vulnerability and violence: a new conception of risk for the study of youth homicides
Ruotti, Caren; Massa, Viviane Coutinho; Peres, Maria Fernanda Tourinho

 ·  Healthcare services and violence during pregnancy: perspectives and practices of healthcare professionals and teams in a public hospital in Rio de Janeiro
Berger, Sônia Maria Dantas; Giffin, Karen Mary

 ·  Social representations of violence against women in the nursing perspective
Leal, Sandra Maria Cezar; Lopes, Marta Julia Marques; Gaspar, Maria Filomena Mendes

 ·  Social value indices: mass media, language and aging
Stacheski, Denise Regina; Massi, Gisele Aparecida Athayde

 ·  Depression in focus: a study of the media discourse in the process of medicalization of life
Soares, Giovana Bacilieri; Caponi, Sandra

 ·  Pro-anorexia cultural Identity: characteristics of a lifestyle in a virtual community
Ramos, Juliana de Souza; Pereira Neto, André de Faria; Bagrichevsky, Marcos

 ·  The medical home visit as a space for interaction and communication in Florianópolis - Santa Catarina
Borges, Renata; D'Oliveira, Ana Flávia Pires Lucas

 ·  Narrative as a tool for the development of clinical practice
Favoreto, César Augusto Orazem; Camargo Jr, Kenneth Rochel de

 ·  Pain communication: a study of narratives about the impacts of the temporomandibular disorder
Studart, Luciana; Acioli, Moab Duarte

 ·  Acupuncture in a hospital setting in Argentina: users' experiences and perspectives
Freidin, Betina; Abrutzky, Rosana

 ·  Contextual analysis of frequent hospital readmissions of the individual with mental disorder
Ramos, Déborah Karollyne Ribeiro; Guimarães, Jacileide; Enders, Bertha Cruz

 ·  A discursive analysis of health promotion meanings incorporated into the Family Health Strategy
Beato, Mônica Soares da Fonseca; Van Stralen, Cornelis Johannes; Passos, Izabel Christina Friche

 ·  Power relations in a Family Health multidisciplinary team according to an Arendtian theoretical model
Oliveira, Hadelândia Milon de; Moretti-Pires, Rodrigo Otávio; Parente, Rosana Cristina Pereira

 ·  Challenges of integrality: revisiting concepts about the physical therapist's role in the Family Health Team
Neves, Laura Maria Tomazi; Aciole, Giovanni Gurgel

 ·  Health conception according to reports of elderly people living in an urban environment
Ferretti, Fátima; Nierotka, Rosane Paula; Silva, Márcia Regina da

 ·  Alcohol drinkers, Primary Health Care and what is "lost in translation"
Fontanella, Bruno José Barcellos; Demarzo, Marcelo Marcos Piva; Mello, Guilherme Arantes; Fortes, Sandra Lúcia Correia Lima

 Open Space
 ·  Theoretical and conceptual notes on evaluative processes taking the multiple dimensions of healthcare management into account 
Cecilio, Luiz Carlos Oliveira

 ·  Foucaultian analysis of educational videos for the Health Sciences: testing a methodology
Sá, Marcia Bastos de; Siqueira, Vera Helena Ferraz de

 ·  Compreender a dor
Canesqui, Ana Maria

 ·  The experience of Nursing courses coordinators in regard to the national Evaluation System of Higher Education (SINAES)
Paula, Alessandra Santos de

 ·  Um corpo na multidão: do molecular ao vivido
Favre, Regina