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Ambiente & Sociedade
On-line version ISSN 1809-4422


Table of contents
Ambient. soc. vol.11 no.2 Campinas  2008


 ·  Territorial farm contracts in France: heading for a new social agreement in agriculture?
Arranz, Ana Velasco; Estrada, Eduardo Moyano; Dos Anjos, Flávio Sacco

 ·  Environmental education and participative management of conservation units: issues for reflection on democratic sustainability
Loureiro, Carlos Frederico Bernardo; Cunha, Cláudia Conceição

 ·  Between tradition and modernity: negotiations of rights in two conservation units of the brazilian amazonian area
Creado, Eliana Santos Junqueira; Mendes, Ana Beatriz Vianna; Ferreira, Lúcia da Costa; Campos, Simone Vieira de

 ·  Nature and modernity: an inquiry into a Brazilian sociological approach
Tavolaro, Sergio Barreira de Faria

 ·  The "cultivating self": health, ecology and spirituality
Carvalho, Isabel Cristina Moura; Steil, Carlos Alberto

 ·  Social segregation like externalizing environmental problems: the elitization of the environment in the APA-Sul, Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte
Laschefski, Klemens; Costa, Heloisa Soares de Moura

 ·  Foreigners in the subtropical forest: notes on an environmental history of the German colonisation in Rio Grande do Sul
Bublitz, Juliana

 ·  Reflections about Ecodesign: a case study in the automotive eletronic industry
Borchardt, Miriam; Poltosi, Leonel Augusto Calliari; Sellitto, Miguel Afonso; Pereira, Giancarlo Medeiros

 ·  Multidisciplinary elaboration of and participation in role-playing games: an experiment in companion modeling about catchment management in the metropolitan region of São Paulo
Ducrot, Raphaèle; Jacobi, Pedro Roberto; Barban, Vilma; Clavel, Lucie; Carmargo, Maria Eugenia; Carvalho, Yara Maria Chagas de; Franca, Terezinha Joyce Fernandes; Sendacz, Suzana; Gunther, Wanda Maria Risso

 ·  Caracterization of gold mining in Faina, Goiás, Brazil, in a historical and an actual environmental context
Silva, Marcos Pedro da; Rocha, Cleonice

 ·  Social capital, social networks and productive innovations
Ximenes, Tereza

 Research Results
 ·  Sustainability of fish farming on the lower region of the São Francisco river in the State of Alagoas: socio-economic factors
Araújo, Juliana Sheila de; Sá, Maria de Fátima Pereira de

 Point of View
 ·  Environmental policies - for whom?
Siqueira, Leandro de Castro

 Book Review
 ·  As grandes ONGs ambientalistas em questão
Rabinovici, Andréa

 ·  Sociedades caboclas amazônicas: modernidade e invisibilidade
Silva, Andréa Leme da

 ·  Geografia Política da Água
Ziglio, Luciana