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Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental
On-line version ISSN 1807-1929


Table of contents
Rev. bras. eng. agríc. ambient. vol.14 no.12 Campina Grande Dec. 2010

 Soil, Water and Plant Management
 ·  Spatial variability of soil attributes and sugarcane yield in relation to topographic location
Souza, Zigomar M. de; Cerri, Domingos G. P.; Magalhães, Paulo S. G.; Siqueira, Diego S.

 ·  Spatial continuity and distribution of soil moisture in a watershed of the Mantiqueira Range
Ávila, Léo F.; Mello, Carlos R. de; Silva, Antônio M. da

 ·  Residual effect of organic fertilization on maize yield in an agroforestry system
Santos, Ailton F. dos; Menezes, Rômulo S. C.; Fraga, Vânia S.; Pérez-Marin, Aldrin M.

 ·  Chemical attributes and carbon stocks in an Oxisol under no-tillage in savannah of Piauí state
Leite, Luiz F. C.; Galvão, Sandra R. S.; Holanda Neto, Manoel R.; Araújo, Fernando S.; Iwata, Bruna F.

 ·  Assessment of the retention of sediments by riparian forest by morphological and physico-chemical characterization of soil
Oliveira, Carloeme A. de; Kliemann, Huberto J.; Correchel, Vladia; Santos, Felipe C. V. dos

 Agricultural Metereology and Climatology
 ·  Trends in climatic variability in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Minuzzi, Rosandro B.

 ·  Spatial analysis of the influence of meteorological elements on the reference evapotranspiration in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Lemos Filho, Luis C. A.; Carvalho, Luiz G.; Evangelista, Adão W. P.; Alves Júnior, José

 Environmental Control and Management
 ·  Biosolid as substrate for production of physic nut seedlings
Camargo, Reginaldo de; Maldonado, Alirio C. D.; Silva, Polianna A.; Costa, Thais R. da

 ·  Extraction capacity of plants grown in constructed wetland systems used for treatment of dairy wastewater
Matos, Antonio T. de; Abrahão, Sérgio S.; Monaco, Paola A. V. Lo; Sarmento, Antover P.; Matos, Mateus P. de

 ·  Performance of different substrates in the decomposition of broiler carcass
Cestonaro, Taiana; Abreu, Paulo G. de; Abreu, Valeria M. N.; Coldebella, Arlei; Tomazelli, Inaiara L.; Hassemer, Marla J.

 ·  Performance of constructed wetlands used in the treatment of wastewater of coffee processing
Fia, Ronaldo; Matos, Antonio T. de; Queiroz, Maria E. L. R. de; Cecon, Paulo R.; Fia, Fátima R. L.

 Rural Construction and Ambience
 ·  Bioclimatic and production parameters in different poultry houses in the semiarid region of Paraiba State
Rocha, Herlúcio P. da; Furtado, Dermeval A.; Nascimento, José W. B. do; Silva, José H. V.

 ·  Investment in system in the pre-milking of girolando cows and its effects on milk production
Almeida, Gledson L. P. de; Pandorfi, Héliton; Guiselini, Cristiane; Almeida, Gleidiana A. P. de; Morril, Waldirene B. B.

 Automation and Instrumentation
 ·  Capability of an optical sensor in verifying the sugarcane response to nitrogen rates
Molin, José P.; Frasson, Flávia R.; Amaral, Lucas R.; Povh, Fabrício P.; Salvi, José V.