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Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental
On-line version ISSN 1807-1929


Table of contents
Rev. bras. eng. agríc. ambient. vol.15 no.6 Campina Grande June 2011

 Soil, Water and Plant Management
 ·  Interrill soil erosion sediment yield on three Oxisols from Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil
Nunes, Maria C. M.; Cassol, Elemar A.

 ·  Determination of crop coefficient (Kc) and water use efficiency for irrigated rosemary peppermint
Lopes, Otávio D.; Kobayashi, Mauro K.; Oliveira, Flávio G.; Alvarenga, Ivan C. A.; Martins, Ernane R.; Corsato, Carlos E.

 ·  Erosion in no-tillage system: influence of ramp length and seeding direction
Silva, Renato L. e; De Maria, Isabella C.

 ·  Complementary fertilization to willowleaf mandarim in organic cultivation system
Marini, Fillipe S.; Marinho, Cláudia S.

 ·  Productive and economic analysis of red-pepper under different irrigation depths cultivated in greenhouse
Carvalho, Jacinto de A.; Rezende, Fátima C.; Aquino, Reinaldo F.; Freitas, Wellington A. de; Oliveira, Eduardo C.

 ·  Determination of the intensity-duration-frequency equation for three meteorological stations in Mato Grosso State
Garcia, Samantha S.; Amorim, Ricardo S. S.; Couto, Eduardo G.; Stopa, Werico H.

 ·  Plant height, stem diameter and production of jatropha irrigated under different salinity levels
Veras, Ricardo P.; Laime, Eduardo M. O.; Fernandes, Pedro D.; Soares, Frederico A. L.; Freire, Epitácio de A.

 ·  Evaluation of water quality for irrigation in South Central region in the State of Ceará
Barroso, Andréia de A. F.; Gomes, Germano E.; Lima, Adriano E. de O.; Palácio, Helba A. de Q.; Lima, Cleene A. de

 Agricultural Metereology and Climatology
 ·  Impact of climate change on irrigation requirement of banana in Jaguaribe river Basin, Ceará, Brazil
Gondim, Rubens S.; Castro, Marco A. H. de; Teixeira, Adunias dos S.; Evangelista, Sílvio R. de M.

 ·  Bioclimatic indices for the coffee crop
Carvalho, Hudson de P.; Melo, Benjamim de; Rabelo, Paulo G.; Silva, Cláudio R. da; Camargo, Reginaldo de

 Storage and Processing of Agricultural Products
 ·  Development and evaluation of coring machine for processing cotton seeds
Almeida, Francisco de A. C.; Araújo, Maria E. R.; Silva, Odilon R. R. F. da; Santos, João F. dos; Gomes, Josivanda P.

 ·  Physicochemical characteristics of corn damaged by Sitophilus zeamais during storage
Antunes, Luidi E. G.; Viebrantz, Priscila C.; Gottardi, Roberto; Dionello, Rafael G.

 Environmental Control and Management
 ·  Growth and production of physic nut irrigated with wastewater, under water stress conditions
Silva, Maria B. R.; Fernandes, Pedro D.; Dantas Neto, José; Nery, Aparecida R.; Rodrigues, Luis N.; Viégas, Ricardo A.

 ·  Agronomic evaluation of biosolids treated by different chemical methods for cultivation of maize
Barros, Ivaldete T.; Andreoli, Cleverson V.; Souza Junior, Ivan G. de; Costa, Antonio C. S. da

 Rural Constructions and Ambient
 ·  Application of the rice husk ash in mortars for bricklaying
Bezerra, Izabelle M. T.; Souza, Jozilene; Carvalho, João B. Q. de; Neves, Gelmires A.