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Sao Paulo Medical Journal
Print version ISSN 1516-3180


Table of contents
Sao Paulo Med. J. vol.113 no.2 supl.0 São Paulo May 1995

 ·  Central obesity and the insulin resistance syndrome: new elements in the etiology of non-communicable diseases
Duncan, Bruce B.

 ·  Collaboration with Brazilian academics working outside Brazil
Rodrigues, Laura C.

 ·  Community orients program for the control of rheumatic diseases Copcord project in Brazil and Latin America
Ferraz, Marcos Bosi

 ·  Does the efficacy of BCG decrease with time since vaccination?a meta analyis
Rodrigues, Laura C.; Sterne, Jonathan A. C.; Guedes, Ines Nobre

 ·  Early detection of prostate cancer
Srougi, Miguel

 ·  Epidemiological aspects of coronary artery disease
Caramelli, Bruno; Ramires, Jose Antonio Franchini

 ·  Etiological studies: human papillomavirus and cervical cancer
Eluf Neto, Jose

 ·  Fostering health care for the elderly private
Veras, Renato P.

 ·  Health promotion concepts in aging
Prates, Andrea

 ·  Incorporation of technology in health care: impact on costs
Piola, Sergio Francisco

 ·  Inside medical journals
Fletcher, Robert H.

 ·  Ischemic heart disease and diabetes mellitus: a statistical analysis
Moraes, Suzana Alves de; Souza, Jose Maria Pacheco de

 ·  Prevalence studies of mental disorders in Brazil
Andreoli, Sergio Baxter

 ·  Private health insurance plans and clinical practice
Nogueira, Armando da Rocha

 ·  Psychiatric epidemiology
Lolio, Cecília Amaro de

 ·  Recent advances in the molecular epidemiology of cervical cancer
Franco, Eduardo L.

 ·  Reintroduction of patients suffering from repetitive strain injury in the Job Market: pilot-project preliminary data of the first phase
Lima, Alexandre Bonneti; Silvestre, Mirian Pedrollo; Toledo, Lucia Fonseca de; Capucci, Celia Cristina; Settimi, Maria Maeno; Oliveira, Fabio de

 ·  Relationship between risk factors and coronary heart disease in premenopausal and postmenopausal women
Mansur, Antonio de Padua

 ·  Repetitive strain injuries in key-board operators
Rocha, Lys Esther

 ·  Repetitive strain injury in a data processing department of a bank
Oliveira, Fabio de

 ·  Repetitive strain injury epidemics. a demand study from the ERSA 6 SES northean district workers health program
Silvestre, Miriam

 ·  Screening for breast cancer
Fletcher, Suzanne W.

 ·  Screening for colorectal cancer
Fletcher, Robert H.

 ·  Selection of subjects in case-controls studies
Mendonça, Gulnar Azevedo Silva

 ·  Strategies proposed by the Word Health Organization for the combat of smoking
Issa, Jaqueline

 ·  Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) - perspectives for a population - based registry in São Paulo city, Brazil
Moraes, Lenira

 ·  Technology acquisition and the management of health services
Azevedo, Antonio Carlos de

 ·  The clinical epidemiology: contribution to others health undergraduate courses
Moraes, Suzana Alves de

 ·  The emotional dimension of life standard
Ribeiro, Sandra Farago Magrini

 ·  The epidemiology of cancer-related pain
Pimenta, Cibele Andrucioli de Mattos; Teixeira, Manoel Jacobsen; Correa, Cláudio Fernandes

 ·  The importance of health economics in a world of proportionally increasing scarce resources
Ferraz, Marcos Bosi

 ·  The possibilities and limits of clinical epidemiology
Goldbaum, Moises