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Sao Paulo Medical Journal
Print version ISSN 1516-3180


Table of contents
Sao Paulo Med. J. vol.129 no.5 São Paulo  2011

 ·  Obesity: the greatest epidemic of the 21st century?
Pêgo-Fernandes, Paulo Manuel; Bibas, Benoit Jacques; Deboni, Mariana

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 Original Article
 ·  Who are the low-risk patients that could benefit from watch-and-wait regarding the neck?
Kohler, Hugo Fontan; Kowalski, Luiz Paulo

 ·  Costs and usage of healthcare services before and after open bariatric surgery
Kelles, Silvana Marcia Bruschi; Barreto, Sandhi Maria; Guerra, Henrique Leonardo

 ·  Prevalence of prediabetes in patients with metabolic risk
Matos, Lívia Nascimento de; Giorelli, Guilherme de Vieira; Saado, Amir; Dias, Cristiane Bitencourt

 ·  Prevalence of breast cancer in the city of Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil, between 1988 and 2002
Martins, Edesio; Freitas-Junior, Ruffo; Curado, Maria Paula; Freitas, Nilceana Maya Aires; Silva, Carleane Maciel Bandeira; Oliveira, José Carlos

 ·  Characteristics of ascitic fluid from patients with suspected spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in emergency units at a tertiary hospital
Reginato, Thiago José Buer; Oliveira, Marcelo José Andrade; Moreira, Luiz César; Lamanna, Antonieta; Acencio, Milena Marques Pagliarelli; Antonangelo, Leila

 ·  Canonical and noncanonical Wnt pathways: a comparison between endometrial cancer type I and atrophic endometrium in Brazil
Menezes, Marina de Pádua Nogueira; Oshima, Celina Tizuko Fujiyama; Badiglian Filho, Levon; Gomes, Thiago Simão; Barrezueta, Luis Fernando Mesias; Stávale, João Norberto; Gonçalves, Wagner José

 ·  Efficacy of a specific model for cognitive-behavioral therapy among panic disorder patients with agoraphobia: a randomized clinical trial
King, Anna Lucia Spear; Valença, Alexandre Martins; Melo-Neto, Valfrido Leão de; Freire, Rafael Christophe; Mezzasalma, Marco André; Silva, Adriana Cardoso de Oliveira e; Nardi, Antonio Egidio

 Systematic review
 ·  Lumiracoxib for acute postoperative dental pain: a systematic review of randomized clinical trials
Silva, Ricardo Carvalho Lopes; Riera, Rachel; Saconato, Humberto

 Case Report
 ·  Testicular adrenal rest tumor in infertile man with congenital adrenal hyperplasia: case report and literature review
Marchini, Giovanni Scala; Cocuzza, Marcello; Pagani, Rodrigo; Torricelli, Fábio César; Hallak, Jorge; Srougi, Miguel

 ·  Cystic brain metastases radiologically simulating neurocysticercosis
Troiani, Charlene; Lopes, Carla Cristina Barbosa; Scardovelli, Carlos Antônio; Nai, Gisele Alborghetti

 Letter to editor
 ·  Hand dysfunction in scleroderma patients
Skare, Thelma Larocca; Toebe, Bruna Leticia; Boros, Carla

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 ·  Confidential unit exclusion and blood safety
Alavian, Seyed Moayed

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 Cochrane highlights
 ·  Antifibrinolytic drugs for acute traumatic injury
Roberts, Ian; Shakur, Haleema; Ker, Katharine; Coats, Tim

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 ·  Maternal positions and mobility during first stage labour
Lawrence, Annemarie; Lewis, Lucy; Hofmeyr, G Justus; Dowswell, Therese; Styles, Cathy

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