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Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria
On-line version ISSN 1809-452X


Table of contents
Rev. Bras. Psiquiatr. vol.27 no.3 São Paulo Sept. 2005

 Editors Note
 ·  We have reached the ISI!
Bressan, Rodrigo A; Miguel, Euripedes C; Mari, Jair J; Rohde, Luiz Augusto; Mercadante, Marcos T

 ·  Suicide: a neurobiological point of view
Klempan, Tim; Turecki, Gustavo

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 ·  Chronic fatigue syndrome: an overview
Cho, Hyong Jin; Wessely, Simon

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 ·  Alcohol and violence: psychiatry and public health
Laranjeira, Ronaldo; Duailibi, Sérgio Marfiglia; Pinsky, Ilana

 Original Articles
 ·  Evaluation of the factors interfering with drug treatment compliance among Brazilian patients with schizophrenia
Rosa, Moacyr Alexandro; Marcolin, Marco Antônio; Elkis, Hélio

 ·  Comparative study of drug use among undergraduate students at the University of São Paulo: São Paulo campus in 1996 and 2001
Stempliuk, Vladimir de Andrade; Barroso, Lucia Pereira; Andrade, Arthur Guerra de; Nicastri, Sérgio; Malbergier, André

 ·  Common mental disorders among health care students
Facundes, Vera Lúcia Dutra; Ludermir, Ana Bernarda

 ·  Clinical subtypes of obsessive-compulsive disorder based on the presence of checking and washing compulsions
Fontenelle, Leonardo F; Mendlowicz, Mauro V; Versiani, Marcio

 ·  Comparison of Brazilian and American norms for the International Affective Picture System (IAPS)
Ribeiro, Rafaela Larsen; Pompéia, Sabine; Bueno, Orlando Francisco Amodeo

 ·  Diurnal panic attacks with and without nocturnal panic attacks: are there some phenomenological differences?
Lopes, Fabiana L; Nardi, Antonio E; Nascimento, Isabella; Valença, Alexandre M; Mezzasalma, Marco A; Freire, Rafael C; Zin, Walter A

 ·  Comparing the prevalence rates of social phobia in a community according to ICD-10 and DSM-III-R
Rocha, Fábio Lopes; Vorcaro, Cláudia Maria Resende; Uchoa, Elizabeth; Lima-Costa, Maria Fernanda

 ·  Predictive validity of the Brazilian version of the Expected Treatment Outcome Scale in cocaine-dependent outpatients at a drug treatment referral center
Dinis, Marcelle Maria Lobo; Passos, Sonia Regina Lambert; Camacho, Luiz Antonio Bastos

 ·  Frontal and anterior cingulate activation during overt verbal fluency in patients with first episode psychosis
Schaufelberger, Maristela; Senhorini, Maurien C T; Barreiros, Maria Angela; Amaro Jr, Edson; Menezes, Paulo R; Scazufca, Marcia; Castro, Claudio C; Ayres, Adriana M; Murray, Robin M; McGuire, Philip K; Busatto, Geraldo F

 ·  Self-concept, academic performance and behavioral evaluation of the children of alcoholic parents
Zanoti-Jeronymo, Daniela Viganó; Carvalho, Ana Maria Pimenta

 ·  Epidemiology of obsessive-compulsive disorder: a review
Torres, Albina Rodrigues; Lima, Maria Cristina Pereira

 Special Article
 ·  Glutamate modulators as novel interventions for mood disorders
Mathew, Sanjay J; Keegan, Kathryn; Smith, Lisa

 ·  Neurogenesis and depression: etiology or new ilusion?
Scorza, Fulvio Alexandre; Guerra, Alexandro de Borja Gonçalves; Cavalheiro, Esper Abrão; Calil, Helena Maria

 Letters to the Editor
 ·  New onset diabetes associated with quetiapine treatment: case report
Attux, Cecília; Chaves, Ana Cristina

 ·  Osteoporosis in schizophrenic patients: a neglected issue?
Guimarães, Lísia Rejane; Azevedo, Carmen Lúcia Leitão; Abreu, Paulo Belmonte de

 ·  Good news for Brazilian eating disorders researchers
Morgan, Christina Marcondes; Claudino, Angélica de Medeiros

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 ·  Interviewing younger children has costs as well as benefits
Moya, Tatiana; Fleitlich-Bilyk, Bacy; Goodman, Robert

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 ·  Genetics of autism
Cordeiro, Quirino; Vallada, Homero

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 ·  Memantine as an adjunctive therapy for schizophrenia negative symptoms
Gama, Clarissa Severino; Antunes, Paula; Moser, Carolina; Belmonte-de-Abreu, Paulo Silva

 ·  Substance abuse treatment and care for woman: case studies and lessons learned
Fração, Lisandra Soldati; Ramos, Sérgio de Paula

 ·  Suicídio: estudos fundamentais
Natrielli Filho, Décio Gilberto