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Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology
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Braz. arch. biol. technol. vol.43 no.5 Curitiba  2000


 ·  Isolation and characterization of three distinct forms of lipases from Candida rugosa produced in solid state fermentation
Benjamin, Sailas; Pandey, Ashok

 ·  Culture medium for amylase production by toxigenic fungi
Figueira, Edson Luiz Zangrando; Hirooka, Elisa Yoko

 ·  Physiological quality in seeds obtained by topcrosses between vegetable soybean and grain type
Yokomizo, Gilberto K.; Vello, Natal A.

 ·  Gravimetric determination of soil organic matter
Miyazawa, M.; Pavan, M.A.; Oliveira, E.L. de; Ionashiro, M.; Silva, A.K.

 ·  Inheritance of resistance to races 69 and 453 of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum in the common bean
Poletine, Juliana P.; Gonçalves-Vidigal, M.C.; Vidigal Filho, Pedro S.; Scapim, Carlos Alberto; Silvério, Lucas; Thomazella, Cláudia

 ·  Cyanogenic glycosides in plants
Francisco, Ilza A.; Pinotti, Maria Helena Pimenta

 ·  Bacterial production in Guanabara Bay (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) evaluated by 3H-leucine incorporation
Gonzalez, Alessandra M.; Paranhos, Rodolfo; Andrade, Luciana; Valentin, Jean L.

 ·  Purification of papain from fresh latex of Carica papaya
Monti, Rubens; Basilio, Carmelita A.; Trevisan, Henrique C.; Contiero, Jonas

 ·  Modeling gallic acid production rate by empirical and statistical analysis
Kar, Bratati; Banerjee, Rintu; Bhattacharyya, Bimal Chandra

 ·  Ferulic acid depletion by cultured soybean seedlings under action of glucose and methionine
Herrig, Vanessa; Silva, Hélio Cândido da; Ferrarese, Maria de Lourdes Lucio; Ferrarese-Filho, Osvaldo

 ·  Morphometric patterns of two fouling Eudendrium spp. (Hydrozoa, Anthomedusae, Eudendriidae) from São Sebastião (SP, SE Brazil)
Oliveira, Otto M.P.; Marques, Antonio C.; Migotto, Alvaro E.

 ·  Feeding of two sympatric species of Characidium, C. lanei and C. pterostictum (Characidiinae) in a coastal stream of Atlantic Forest (Southern Brazil)
Aranha, José Marcelo R.; Gomes, José Henrique C.; Fogaça, Fábio N. O.

 ·  Evaluation of oat extracts on the efficiency of lime in soil
Cassiolato, Marcelo E.; Meda, Anderson R.; Pavan, Marcos A.; Miyazawa, Mário; Oliveira, José C. de

 ·  Influence of ethanol concentration, addition of spices extract, and level of sweetness on physico-chemical characteristics and sensory quality of apple vermouth
Joshi, Vinod K.; Sandhu, Danwant K.

 ·  Pelletization of seeds of Raphanus sativus L. cv. Redondo Gigante with graphite for germination under water stress conditions
Freitas, Nobel Penteado; Takaki, Massanori