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Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology
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Table of contents
Braz. arch. biol. technol. vol.47 no.1 Curitiba Mar. 2004

 Agriculture, Agribusiness and Biotechnology
 ·  Genetic variability in regenerated Metarhizium flavoviride protoplasts
Kuklinsky-Sobral, Júlia; Luna-Alves-Lima, Elza Áurea de; Araújo, Janete Magali de; Azevedo, João Lúcio

 ·  Varietal identification of coffee seeds by RAPD technique
Crochemore, Maria Lúcia; Nunes, Liliane Moreira; Andrade, Giselly Aparecida; Molinari, Hugo Bruno Correa; Vasconcellos, Maria Elizabeth

 ·  Determination of yeast killer activity in fermenting sugarcane juice using selected ethanol-making strains
Ceccato-Antonini, Sandra Regina; Tosta, Christiann Davis; Silva, Ana Cláudia da

 ·  Models for the estimation of the physical quality of a Yellow Red Latosol (Oxisol) under pasture
Ribon, Adriana Aparecida; Tavares Filho, João

 Human and Animal Health
 ·  A model for the study of skeletal anomalies in rat fetuses
Effting, Cristiane; Paula, Daniel Jesus de; Nunes Junior, Guilhermino Pereira

 ·  Resistance of gastrointestinal nematodes to anthelmintics in sheep (Ovis aries)
Thomaz-Soccol, Vanete; Souza, Felipe Pohl de; Sotomaior, Cristina; Castro, Edilene Alcântara; Milczewski, Viviane; Mocelin, Giovani; Silva, Maria do Carmo Pessoa e

 Food Science and Technology
 ·  Chemical composition of Ulvaria oxysperma (Kützing) bliding, Ulva lactuca (Linnaeus) and Ulva fascita (Delile)
Pádua, Márcia de; Fontoura, Paulo Sérgio Growoski; Mathias, Alvaro Luiz

 ·  Synergism between dietary vitamin E and exogenous phytic acid in prevention of warmed-over flavour development in chicken breast meat, Pectoralis major M.
Soares, Adriana Lourenço; Olivo, Rubison; Shimokomaki, Massami; Ida, Elza Iouko

 ·  Flour mixture of rice flour, corn and cassava starch in the production of gluten-free white bread
López, Ana Cristina Ballesteros; Pereira, Accacia Julia Guimarães; Junqueira, Roberto Gonçalves

 ·  Physico-chemical and cooking characteristics of some rice varieties
González, Rolando J.; Livore, Alberto; Pons, Brigitte

 ·  Bacterial adherence to different inert surfaces evaluated by epifluorescence microscopy and plate count method
Parizzi, Silvânia Quintão Fontes; Andrade, Nélio José de; Silva, Cleuber Antonio de Sá; Soares, Nilda de Fátima Ferreira; Silva, Eldo Antônio Monteiro da

 ·  Nitrogen balance of starting barrow pigs fed on increasing lysine levels
Moreira, Ivan; Fraga, Alessandro Luis; Paiano, Diovani; Oliveira, Gisele Cristina de; Scapinello, Cláudio; Martins, Elias Nunes

 ·  Evaluation of apple pomace based reconstituted feed in rats after solid state fermentation and ethanol recovery
Devrajan, A.; Joshi, Vinod K.; Gupta, Kuldeep; Sheikher, Chander; Lal, Brij B.

 Biological and Applied Sciences
 ·  Morphology and anatomy of the flower and anthesis of Metrodorea nigra St. Hill. (Rutaceae)
Souza, Luiz A. de; Moscheta, Ismar S.; Mourão, Káthia S. M.; Rosa, Sonia M. da

 ·  Spatial partition of artificial structures by fish at the surroundings of the conservation unit - Parque Estadual da Ilha Anchieta, SP, Brazil
Cunningham, Patricia Teresa Monteiro; Saul, Andreia de Carvalho

 ·  Efficiency of n-octyl-acetate, 2-heptanone and citronellal in repelling bees from basil (Ocimum sellowii - Labiatae)
Malerbo-Souza, Darclet Teresinha; Nogueira-Couto, Regina Helena

 ·  Tree species sprouting from root buds in a semideciduous forest affected by fires
Rodrigues, Ricardo R.; Torres, Roseli B.; Matthes, Luis A. F.; Penha, Alessandra S.

 ·  Studies on alkalophilic CGTase-producing bacteria and effect of starch on cyclodextrin-glycosyltransferase activity
Higuti, Ilma Hiroko; Silva, Priscila Anunciação da; Nascimento, Aguinaldo José do

 Engineering and Technology
 ·  Mercury and organic carbon distribution in six lakes from the North of Rio de Janeiro State
Sousa, Wanderson Primo de; Carvalho, Carlos Eduardo Veiga de; Carvalho, Claudia Calasans Veiga de; Suzuki, Marina Satika

 ·  Zinc detoxification by a cyanobacterium from a metal contaminated bay in Brazil
Andrade, Luciana; Keim, Carolina N.; Farina, Marcos; Pfeiffer, Wolfgang C.

 ·  Photosynthetic rate of the aquatic macrophyte Egeria densa Planch. (Hydrocharitaceae) in two rivers from the Itanhaém River Basin in São Paulo State, Brazil
Pezzato, Maura Maria; Camargo, Antonio Fernando Monteiro