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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.5 Porto Alegre Jan./June 2001

 Dossiê/Metodologias Informacionais
 ·  As Metodologias Informacionais: um novo padrão de trabalho científico para as Sociologias do Século XXI ?

 ·  Patterns of adoption, modes of use and representations about technology: CAQDAS users in he United Kingdom, in the mid-1990s
Mangabeira, Wilma C.; Lee, Raymond M.; Fielding, Nigel G.

 ·  Artificial intelligence, informational technologies and their potential impacts on Social Sciences
Dwyer, Tom

 ·  A question of scale: society, environment, time and territory
Reboratti, Carlos E.

 ·  New possibilities for qualitative research via CAQDAS systems
Teixeira, Alex Niche; Becker, Fernando

 ·  The possibilities of informational technologies in sociological practices: for a new work pattern for 21st Century Sociologists
Santos, José Vicente Tavares dos

 ·  Old and new actors in rural protests in Argentina: a reflection from the gender viewpoint
Bidaseca, Karina; Mariotti, Daniela

 ·  An employment program approximation: the community services case
Goren, Nora

 ·  Under the sign of Mars: modernization, teaching and the rites of police institution
Albuquerque, Carlos de Linhares de; Machado, Eduardo Paes

 ·  Gender, life courses and biography: methodological challenges and empirical results
Born, Claudia

 Book Review
 ·  The disagreement frontier
Mélo, José Luiz Bica de

 ·  The difficult generalization: the shor-lived Chemical Complex Setorial Chamber, followed by a study on its impacts over two big of its businesses
Rosenfield, Cinara Lerner