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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.7 Porto Alegre Jan./June 2002

 ·  Apresentação: saúde e gerações
Cortes, Soraya Maria Vargas

 ·  Councils and conferences in the Brazilian Universal System of Health: building the road for user participation
Cortes, Soraya Maria Vargas

 ·  Rural Social Welfare and gender
Brumer, Anita

 ·  The patient's voice in the Health System: health commissioners
Pereira, Luiza Helena

 ·  Setting health guidelines: analysis of basic concepts
Castro, Janice Dornelles de

 ·  Older adult living arrangements in the United States
Wilmoth, Janet

 ·  Social support and health among seniors
Ramos, Marília P.

 ·  Tipos e mitos do pensamento brasileiro
Ianni, Octávio

 ·  The police of the poor: the violence of police against urban popular classes
Machado, Eduardo Paes; Noronha, Ceci Vilar

 ·  Homosexuality, human rights and citizenship
Anjos, Gabriele dos

 ·  In the trail of the tacky: Monteiro Lobato's Jeca Tatu, the readers and the shaping of Brazil's literary field
Passiani, Enio

 ·  Reforma agrária: o impossível diálogo
Soto, William Héctor Gómez