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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.10 Porto Alegre  2003

 Dossier Democracy, Sustainability, and Rural World in Latin America
 ·  The directions of the rural world in Latin America at the dawn of the 21st century, within a context of great social, economic and political change
Brumer, Anita

 ·  Sustainability and democratization of Latin American rural societies
Piñeiro, Diego

        · text in Spanish     · pdf in Spanishpdf in Spanish
 ·  25 years of rural studies
Bengoa, José

 ·  Gender differences regarding assets: land property in Latin America
Deere, Carmem Diana; Léon, Magdalena

 ·  Rural sociology in Brazil: between slaves of the past and partners of the future
Garcia, Afrânio

 ·  Agri-food globalization: its characteristics and future perspectives
Bonanno, Alessandro

 ·  Agrarian structure and rural violence in Latin America
Kay, Cristóbal

 ·  From farms and homes to roads and squares: social organizations and protests in "rururban" Argentinean worlds. A Latin American outlook
Giarracca, Norma

 ·  New Republic: landowners' violence as a class practice
Bruno, Regina Angela Landim

 ·  Family agriculture and the new rural world
Buainain, Antônio Márcio; Romeiro, Ademar R; Guanziroli, Carlos

 ·  Granted autonomy and its relation to labor: freedom and resistance in the work at the process industry
Rosenfield, Cinara L

 ·  Youth, intellectuals and politics: the activation of André Foster's "legacy" and the acclamation of a generation
Reis, Eliana dos

 ·  The rural woman's way: the struggle for social rights and gender equality in Rio Grande do Sul
Van Der Schaaf, Alie

 Book Review
 ·  For a sociology of the lower ranks
Rosa, Marcelo Carvalho