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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.12 Porto Alegre July/Dec. 2004

 Dossier the New of Labor: Brazil e Portugal
 ·  Reality changes in labor in Brazil and Portugal
Larangeira, Sonia Guimarães

 ·  Flexible employment in Portugal
Kovács, Ilona

 ·  Porto Alegre's work co-operatives and flexibilization of labor
Piccinini, Valmiria Carolina

 ·  Labor relations and employment
Cerdeira, Maria da Conceição

 ·  Human resources management: theories and practices
Santos, Maria João Nicolau

 ·  Ways of working and being in bank restructuring
Grisci, Carmem Ligia Iochins; Bessi, Vânia Gisele

 ·  Granted autonomy and work appropriation
Rosenfield, Cinara L.

 ·  The abjured roots of the human capital theory
Saul, Renato P.

 ·  Governmentalization of the Contemporary State: mapping State control mechanisms
Benites, Luiz Felipe Rocha

 ·  Civilian policemen's representations about professionalization
Brito, Alexandre Sant'Ana de; Souza, Lídio de

 ·  As tecnologias de informação: morte ou vida para as ciências humanas?
Dwyer, Tom

 Book Review
 ·  Sociological investigation for a critical assessment of the informational society
Alves, Daniela Alves de