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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.14 Porto Alegre July/Dec. 2005

 Dossier Sociology in Latin America, ALAS
 ·  Espaços da latinidade
Tavares-dos-Santos, José Vicente; Baumgarten, Maíra

 ·  The Latin American Sociology Association: a history of its first congresses
Blanco, Alejandro

 ·  The origins of the Latin American Sociology Association: a few notes through the outlook of Alfredo Poviña
Scribano, Adrián

 ·  Latin American and Caribbean multinational integration: an approach from the critical and participatory perspective
Salazar, Luis Suárez

 ·  Intermittent dialogues: relations between Brazil and Latin America
Oliveira, Lúcia Lippi

 ·  Legacies of and future directions for knowledge in Latin America
Elízaga, Raquel Sosa

 ·  Nós que amávamos tanto o capital: fragmentos para a história de uma geração
Sader, Emir

 ·  Sociology's contribution in Latin America to sociological imagination: analysis, critique, and social commitment
Tavares-dos-Santos, José Vicente; Baumgarten, Maíra

 ·  Novelty in Latin American sociology
Costilla, Lucio Oliver

 ·  Social Sciences, Sociology, and poverty in Guatemala
Mendoza, Edgar S. G.

 ·  The development of sociology in Peru: introductory notes
Navarrete, Julio Mejía

 ·  The pathways towards a Sociology in Cuba: historical, theoretical and professional changes
Gutiérrez, Teresa Muñoz

 ·  Sociology in Brazil: history, theories, and challenges
Liedke Filho, Enno D.

 ·  Donald Pierson and the Sociological School of Chicago in Brazil: urban studies in the city of São Paulo (1935-1950)
Mendoza, Edgar S.G.

 ·  Sociology of labor at the University of Havana
Guilarte, Euclides Catá

 ·  Sociopoética
Mendoza, Edgar S. G.

 ·  About a master: Gino Germani, founder of sociology in Argentina
Izaguirre, Inés

 ·  The passing of Octávio Ianni: sociology loses a master
Porto, Maria Stela Grossi

 Book Review
 ·  Alain Touraine: a new paradigm or the end of social discourse on social reality
Rojo, Raúl Enrique

 ·  XX Congreso de ALAS, 1995 - México