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Table of contents
Sociologias  no.17 Porto Alegre Jan./June 2007

 Dossier Challenges to Higher Education
 ·  Challenges to higher education
Neves, Clarissa Eckert Baeta

 ·  European trends in undergraduate studies and quality assurance
Erichsen, Hans-Uwe

 ·  Funding higher education in Latin America
Guadilla, Carmen García

 ·  Universities VS outsourcing of higher education - the logic of broadening access while keeping inequality: the case of Brazil
Prates, Antônio Augusto Pereira

 ·  Access, expansion and equity in Higher Education: new challenges for educational policy
Neves, Clarissa Eckert Baeta; Raizer, Leandro; Fachinetto, Rochele Fellini

 ·  Career and institutional context in Brazil's higher education system
Balbachevsky, Elizabeth

 ·  College education, corporation, and profession: Brazilian dilemmas and paradoxes
Nunes, Edson; Carvalho, Márcia Marques de

 ·  Education and work: the situation of employed college graduates in the job market
Lima, Márcia; Abdal, Alexandre

 ·  Trajectories and biographies: notes for a Bourdieusian analysis
Montagner, Miguel Ângelo

 ·  Brief indications for the teaching of sociological theory today
Liedke, Élida Rubini

 ·  Workers from the manufacturing industry in the city of Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: trajectories after dismissal within a context of industrial restructuring
Parenza, Cidriana Teresa; Lápis, Naira Lima

 ·  Factors that impact on funding for higher education in Chile
Schmal, Rodolfo; Ruiz, Reinaldo; Donoso, Sebastián; Schaffernicht, Martin

 Book Review
 ·  Economic sociology
Azambuja, Lucas Rodrigues