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Matéria (Rio de Janeiro)
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Matéria (Rio J.) vol.15 no.1 Rio de Janeiro  2010

The scientific content of papers
Miranda, Paulo Emílio V. de

The effect of co-doping with Pr and Mn on the electrical properties of Sr-LaAlO3
Villas-Bôas, L.A.; De Souza, D.P.F.

Rhelogycal behaviour of cement pastes with addition of silica fume, nanosilica and polycarboxilic dispersant
Senff, L.; Hotza, D.; Repette, W.L.

Selection of materials and coatings for the incrustation control of the golden mussel in the hydroelectric power station of Ibitinga (SP, Brazil)
Bergmann, C.P.; Mansur, M.C.D.; Bergonc, P.E.A.; Pereira, D.; Santos, C.P.; Basegio, T.; Vicenz, J.; Santos, S.C.A.

Evaluation of thermal conductivity of lightweight concrete with expanded clay
Sacht, H.M.; Rossignolo, J.A.; Santos, W.N.

Stress corrosion cracking of 321 stainless stell in nuclear reactor environment
Schvartzman, M.M.A.M.; Matias, Adalberto; Cruz, J.R.B.

Ceramic bodies for roofing tiles: microstructural evaluation
Vieira, C.M.F.; Pinheiro, R.M.; Monteiro, S.N.

Analysis of pyramidal vickers testing in brittles materials
Dias, A.M.S.; Godoy, G.C.; Modenesi, P.J.

Determination of the amine hydrogen equivalent weight in aliphatic amine epoxide hardeners by a method of potentiometric titration
González Garcia, F.; Matusalém, F.; Leyva, M.E.; Queiroz, A.A.A.

Effect of organic additives on the deposition of Pt-Ru catalysts
Sieben, J.M.; Duarte, M.M.E.; Mayer, C.E.

Effect of high energy milling on the morphology and compressibility of WC-Ni composite powder
Torres, C.S; Shaeffer, L.