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Educação e Pesquisa
On-line version ISSN 1678-4634


Table of contents
Educ. Pesqui. vol.38 no.1 São Paulo Jan./Mar. 2012

 ·  The perverse dualism of the Brazilian public school: school of knowledge for the rich, school of social care for the poor
Libâneo, José Carlos

 ·  Basic education as proposed by the National Confederation of Industry - CNI - in the 2000s
Melo, Alessandro de

 ·  The intercultural curriculum discourse in the education of youngsters and adults and the production of subjectivities
Carvalho, Rosângela Tenório de

 ·  Gender and children's culture: school clubinhos and the trocinhas of Bom Retiro
Cruz, Tânia Mara

 ·  Educative institutions and the community faced with child maltreatment: an experience of participative action research
Barrera, María Dilia Mieles; Espitia, María Victoria Gaitán; Gaitán, Renán Cepeda

 ·  Faculties of the soul and their implications for education: knowledges circulated in the 19th century
Assis, Raquel Martins de; Martins, Juliana de Souza

 ·  Contributions of argumentative rationality for addressing ethics in school
Oliveira, Renato José de

 ·  The development of managerial skills in state public schools
Galvão, Veronica Bezerra de Araújo; Silva, Anielson Barbosa da; Silva, Walmir Rufino da

 ·  Theory and practice in the education undergraduate course
Cruz, Giseli Barreto da

 ·  Territorialist nationalism in school textbooks: representations of Patagonia in Argentinian military dictatorship (1966-1983)
Jaramillo, Jesús

 ·  Metacognitive categories as a support of pedagogical practices
Portilho, Evelise Maria Labatut; Dreher, Simone A. Souza

 ·  The evolution of expected schooling in Brazil in the 20th century
Helene, Otaviano

 ·  Between trajectories, sources and subjects: research in education and the use of oral history
Esquinsani, Rosimar Serena Siqueira

 ·  Conceptions of validity in qualitative studies
Ollaik, Leila Giandoni; Ziller, Henrique Moraes

 ·  Research on education: social movements and epistemological reconstruction in a context of coloniality
Streck, Danilo Romeu; Adams, Telmo