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Neotropical Ichthyology
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Neotrop. ichthyol. vol.5 no.2 Porto Alegre  2007

Fish passages in South America

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Is fish passage technology saving fish resources in the lower La Plata River basin?
Oldani, Norberto Oscar; Baigún, Claudio Rafael Mariano; Nestler, John Michael; Goodwin, Richard Andrew

Preliminary study on the application of radio-telemetry techniques to evaluate movements of fish in the Lateral canal at Itaipu Dam, Brazil
Hahn, Lisiane; English, Karl; Carosfeld, Joachim; Silva, Luiz Gustavo Martins da; Latini, João Dirço; Agostinho, Angelo Antônio; Fernandez, Domingo Rodriguez

Can north american fish passage tools work for South american migratory fishes?
Baigún, Claudio Rafael Mariano; Nestler, John Michael; Oldani, Norberto Oscar; Goodwin, R. Andrew; Weber, Larry J.

Fish ladder of Lajeado Dam: migrations on one-way routes?
Agostinho, Angelo Antônio; Marques, Elineide Eugênio; Agostinho, Carlos Sérgio; Almeida, Deusimar Augusto de; Oliveira, Rafael José de; Melo, Jussiclene Rodrigues Bezerra de

Fish passage ladders from Canoas Complex - Paranapanema River: evaluation of genetic structure maintenance of Salminus brasiliensis (Teleostei: Characiformes)
Lopes, Carla Martins; Almeida, Fernanda Simões de; Orsi, Mário Luís; Britto, Sandro Geraldo de Castro; Sirol, Rodolfo Nardez; Sodré, Leda Maria Koelblinger

Swimming performance of the migratory Neotropical fish Leporinus reinhardti (Characiformes: Anostomidae)
Santos, Hersília de Andrade e; Pompeu, Paulo dos Santos; Martinez, Carlos Barreira

Reproductive activity and recruitment of the yellow-mandi Pimelodus maculatus (Teleostei: Pimelodidae) in the Igarapava Reservoir, Grande River, Southeast Brazil
Maia, Bruno Pereira; Ribeiro, Sandra Maria Franco; Bizzotto, Paula Maciel; Vono, Volney; Godinho, Hugo Pereira

Environmental factors related to entry into and ascent of fish in the experimental ladder located close to Itaipu Dam
Fernandez, Domingo Rodrigues; Agostinho, Angelo Antonio; Bini, Luis Maurício; Gomes, Luiz Carlos

Movements through a fish ladder: temporal patterns and motivations to move upstream
Agostinho, Carlos Sérgio; Pereira, Celiana Ribeiro; Oliveira, Rafael José de; Freitas, Iriene Siqueira; Marques, Elineide Eugênio

Efficiency and selectivity of a trap and truck fish passage system in Brazil
Pompeu, Paulo dos Santos; Martinez, Carlos Barreira

Blockage of migration routes by dam construction: can migratory fish find alternative routes?
Antonio, Rosimeire Ribeiro; Agostinho, Angelo Antonio; Pelicice, Fernando Mayer; Bailly, Dayani; Okada, Edson Kioshi; Dias, João Henrique Pinheiro

The Canal da Piracema at Itaipu Dam as a fish pass system
Makrakis, Sérgio; Gomes, Luiz Carlos; Makrakis, Maristela Cavicchioli; Fernandez, Domingo Rodriguez; Pavanelli, Carla Simone

Utilization of the fish ladder at the Engenheiro Sergio Motta Dam, Brazil, by long distance migrating potamodromous species
Makrakis, Sérgio; Makrakis, Maristela Cavicchioli; Wagner, Ricardo Luiz; Dias, João Henrique Pinheiro; Gomes, Luiz Carlos

Selectivity of fish ladders: a bottleneck in Neotropical fish movement
Agostinho, Carlos Sérgio; Agostinho, Angelo Antônio; Pelicice, Fernando; Almeida, Deusimar Augusto de; Marques, Elineide Eugênio

Diel variation in the ascent of fishes up an experimental fish ladder at Itaipu Reservoir: fish size, reproductive stage and taxonomic group influences
Fernandez, Domingo Rodriguez; Agostinho, Angelo Antonio; Bini, Luis Mauricio; Pelicice, Fernando Mayer

 Scientific Notes
 ·  Proposal of a sluice-type fish pass
Haselbauer, Matthias A.; Martinez, Carlos Barreira

 ·  Radiotelemetry of a female jaú, Zungaro jahu (Ihering, 1898) (Siluriformes: Pimelodidae), passed upstream of Funil Dam, rio Grande, Brazil
Alves, Carlos Bernardo Mascarenhas; Silva, Luiz Gustavo Martins da; Godinho, Alexandre Lima

 ·  Evaluation of fish passage through the Igarapé Dam fish ladder (rio Paraopeba, Brazil), using marking and recapture
Alves, Carlos Bernardo Mascarenhas