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Brazilian Journal of Oceanography
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Braz. j. oceanogr. vol.59 no.spe1 São Paulo  2011


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Evaluation of impact of artificial reefs on artisanal fisheries: need for complementary approaches
Koeck, Barbara; Pastor, Jérémy; Larenie, Laetitia; Astruch, Patrick; Saragoni, Gilles; Jarraya, Marion; Lenfant, Philippe

Two experimental fish aggregating systems (fads) in the Aegean sea: their design and application
Özgül, Aytaç; Lök, Altan; Düzbastilar, F. Ozan

A new artificial reef design for octopus (Octopus vulgaris cuvier, 1797) in the Aegean sea and preliminary results
Ula, Ali; Lök, Altan; Düzbastllar, F. Ozan; Özgül, Aytaç; Metin, Cengiz

Comparison of fish community structure on artificial reefs deployed at different depths on turkish Aegean sea coast
Gül, Benal; Lök, Altan; Özgül, Aytaç; Ula, Ali; Düzbastilar, F. Ozan; Metrin, Cengiz

Comparison of growth rates estimated by otolith reading of Scorpaena porcus and Scorpaena notata caught on artificial and natural reefs of the northern Adriatic sea
Scarcella, Giuseppe; Grati, Fabio; Polidori, Piero; Domenichetti, Filippo; Bolognini, Luca; Fabi, Gianna

Epilithic community development on artificial reefs deployed along a cross-shelf environmental gradient off Paraná state, southern Brazil
Brandini, Frederico; Silva, Ariel Scheffer da

Colonization and community development of fish assemblages associated with estuarine artificial reefs
Folpp, Heath; Lowry, Michael; Gregson, Marcus; Suthers, Iain M.

The African hind's (Cephalopholis taeniops, serranidae) use of artificial reefs off sal island (Cape Verde): a preliminary study based on acoustic telemetry
Lino, Pedro G.; Bentes, Luís; Oliveira, Miguel Tiago; Erzini, Karim; Santos, Miguel Neves

Side-scan sonar techniques for the characterization of physical properties of artificial benthic habitats
Tian, Wen-Miin

Estimation of secondary production of the Faro/Ancão artificial reefs
Moura, Ana; Fonseca, Luis Cancela da; Boaventura, Diana; Santos, Miguel Neves; Monteiro, Carlos Costa

Stakeholder perceptions of decision-making process on marine biodiversity conservation on sal island (Cape Verde)
Ramos, Jorge; Oliveira, Miguel Tiago; Santos, Miguel N.

Fouling assemblages associated with estuarine artificial reefs in new South Wales, Australia
Mckenzie, Rob; Lowry, Michael; Folpp, Heath; Gregson, Marcus

A comparison of methods for estimating fish assemblages associated with estuarine artificial reefs
Lowry, Michael; Folpp, Heath; Gregson, Marcus; Mckenzie, Rob

Stakeholder analysis in the portuguese artificial reef context: winners and losers
Ramos, Jorge; Santos, Miguel N.; Whitmarsh, David; Monteiro, Carlos Costa

Multibeam investigation of an artificial reef settlement in the Adriatic sea (Italy) 33 years after its deployment
Manoukian, Sarine; Fabi, Gianna; Naar, David F.

Overview on artificial reefs in Europe
Fabi, Gianna; Spagnolo, Alessandra; Bellan-Santini, Denise; Charbonnel, Eric; Çiçek, Burak Ali; García, Juan J. Goutayer; Jensen, Antony C.; Kallianiotis, Argiris; Santos, Miguel Neves dos

Monitoring of the artificial reef fish assemblages of golfe juan marine protected area (France, North-Western Mediterranean)
Pascaline, Bodilis; Catherine, Seytre; Charbonnel, Eric; Patrice, Francour