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Fisioterapia e Pesquisa
Print version ISSN 1809-2950


Table of contents
Fisioter. Pesqui. vol.16 no.2 São Paulo Apr./June 2009


 Original Research
 ·  Intra and inter-examiner reliability of photogrammetry in the classification of the degree of gynoid lypodystrophy in asymptomatic women
Mendonça, Ana Maria da Silva; Pádua, Michelle de; Ribeiro, Ana Paula; Milani, Giovana Barbosa; João, Sílvia Maria Amado

 ·  Equilibrium and muscle retraction in young female students users of high-heeled shoes
Bertoncello, Dernival; Sá, Cristina dos Santos Cardoso de; Calapodópulos, Anna Helena; Lemos, Vanessa Linhares

 ·  Effect of oral high-frequency oscillation technique at different expiratory pressures on heart autonomic function and cardiorespiratory parameters
Moreira, Graciane L.; Ramos, Ercy M. C.; Vanderlei, Luiz C. M.; Ramos, Dionei; Manzano, Beatriz M.; Fosco, Luciana C.

 ·  Assessment of frailty, functionality and fear of falling in elderly assisted at an outpatient gerontologic and geriatric clinic
Silva, Silvia Lanziotti Azevedo da; Vieira, Renata Alvarenga; Arantes, Paula; Dias, Rosângela Corrêa

 ·  Assessment of patient satisfaction with physical therapy at a college health clinic in Santo André, SP
Suda, Eneida Yuri; Uemura, Missae Dora; Velasco, Eliane

 ·  Biofeedback for training of standing balance in post-stroke hemiparetic patients: a preliminary study
Soares, Antonio Vinicius; Hochmüller, Ana Cláudia Oliveira de Lima; Silva, Patrícia da; Fronza, Daniela; Woellner, Simone Suzuki; Noveletto, Fabrício

 ·  Effect of the isostretching technique on postural balance
Monte-Raso, Vanessa Vilela; Ferreira, Paula Araújo; Carvalho, Marcelo Silva de; Rodrigues, Jane Godoy; Martins, Cristiano Costa; Iunes, Denise Hollanda

 ·  Grip and pinch strength in Brazilian Air Force cadet pilots: a comparative study between men and women
Teixeira, Marcela Donatelli Meibach; Gomes, Daniele Aparecida; Gonçalves, Gláucia Helena; Shimano, Suraya Gomes Novais; Shimano, Antonio Carlos; Fonseca, Marisa de Cássia Registro

 ·  Conventional and acupuncture-like transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on cold-induced pain
Morimoto, Hisa Costa; Yonekura, Márcia Yumi; Liebano, Richard Eloin

 ·  Assessment of functional capacity and quality of life in chronic renal patients under hemodialysis treatment
Cunha, Marina Stela; Andrade, Viviane; Guedes, Cristina A. Veloso; Meneghetti, Cristiane Helita Zorel; Aguiar, Ana Paula de; Cardoso, Andréa Luciana

 ·  Effect of a training program based on proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation onto thoracic mobility
Moreno, Marlene Aparecida; Silva, Ester da; Zuttin, Roberta Silva; Gonçalves, Mauro

 ·  Comparison between incentive spirometry and expiratory positive airway pressure on pulmonary function after bariatric surgery
Barbalho-Moulim, Marcela C.; Miguel, Gustavo Peixoto Soares; Forti, Eli Maria Pazzianotto; Costa, Dirceu

 ·  Continuous thermic therapeutic ultrasound in sciatica experimental model
Ciena, Adriano Polican; Oliveira, Jaques Jean Junqueira; Cunha, Núbia Broetto; Bertolini, Gladson Ricardo Flor

 ·  Lactic acid assessment in post-stroke hemiparetic subjects following electrical stimulation for muscle strengthening
Corrêa, Fernanda Ishida; Corrêa, João Carlos Ferrari; Tessarolo, André de Almeida; Melo, André de Souza; Sampaio, Luciana Maria Malosá; Costa, Maricilia Silva; Oliveira, Cláudia Santos

 Case Report
 ·  Functional decline of an institutionalized elderly woman: applicability of the model of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health
Depolito, Carolina; Leocadio, Priscilla Lassi Losano de Faria; Cordeiro, Renata Cereda