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Alfa : Revista de Linguística (São José do Rio Preto)
On-line version ISSN 1981-5794


Table of contents
Alfa, rev. linguíst. (São José Rio Preto) vol.56 no.1 São Paulo  2012

Cortina, Arnaldo

 Original Articles
 ·  Patterns of subject inversion in Brazilian writing during the 19th century: empirical evidence for the hypothesis of competing grammars
Coelho, Izete Lehmkuhl; Martins, Marco Antonio

 ·  Position constraints of temporal prepositional phrases in speech
Paiva, Maria da Conceição de

 ·  Rhetorical relations held by adverbial gerund clauses
Antonio, Juliano Desiderato

 ·  History of a complement clause: the origin and development of the clausal complement introduced by se in Portuguese
Sousa, Gisele Cássia de

 ·  Lexical representation of verb classes in Brazilian Portuguese
Cançado, Márcia; Godoy, Luisa

 ·  Denominal Verbs in Brazilian Portuguese: distinguishing between diachronic and synchronic structures within Distributed Morphology approach
Bassani, Indaiá de Santana

 ·  The multifunctionality of the Portuguese adverb realmente from the perspective of construction grammaticalization
Lacerda, Patrícia Fabiane Amaral da Cunha

 ·  Order of affix addition in Brazilian Portuguese: evidence from neological lexical items
Maroneze, Bruno

 ·  Thinking through Provinha Brasil from the sociocultural, linguistic, and cognitive dimensions of reading
Cristofolini, Carla

 ·  Portuguese language teaching and theoretical-methodological concerns: discourse genres in Portuguese classes and (Portuguese) classes as a discourse genre
Cerutti-Rizzatti, Mary Elizabeth

 ·  Power-knowledge relation and resistance forms in government educational documents on foreign language teaching
Marques, Sandra Mari Kaneko

 ·  Is the spokesagent always a "we" in construction?
Venturini, Maria Cleci

 ·  Damourette and Pichon's grammar, and Lacan´s psychoanalysis: an utterance act issue
Machado, Bruno Focas Vieira

 ·  The language, society and power reader
Flannery, Mércia Regina Santana