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Trabalho, Educação e Saúde
On-line version ISSN 1981-7746


Table of contents
Trab. educ. saúde (Online) vol.9  supl.1 Rio de Janeiro  2011

 ·  Work, education and health and other possible: dialogues in the perspective of ergology
Hennington, Élida Azevedo; Cunha, Daisy Moreira; Fischer, Maria Clara Bueno

 ·  Conceptualizing the work, the visible and invisible
Schwartz, Yves

 ·  Human activity, both intellectual and vital: complementary approaches of Pierre Pastré and Yves Schwartz
Durrive, Louis

 ·  How to recognize work when is not work anymore?
Nouroudine, Abdallah

 ·  Multidisciplinary meetings: the health team work in construction and waiting for the subjects of change
Cardoso, Cíntia Garcia; Hennington, Élida Azevedo

 ·  The samu work process and the humanization developed by the unique health system from the standpoint of human activity
Trajano, Ana Rita Castro; Cunha, Daisy Moreira da

 ·  Skills, suffering and construction of meaning in the activity of auxiliary nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
Gomes, Luciana; Masson, Letícia Pessoa; Brito, Jussara Cruz de; Athayde, Milton

 ·  Work conditions and renormalization of nursing activities in family health
Bertoncini, Judite Hennemann; Pires, Denise Elvira Pires de; Scherer, Magda Duarte dos Anjos

 ·  Method of excavation in occupational therapy: a dynamic, three-pole device?
Furtado, Eliana Anjos; Fischer, Maria Clara Bueno

 ·  The colective management of public health services: an ergological perspective
França, Maristela Botelho; Muniz, Hélder Pordeus

 ·  The micropolitics of living work in the act, ergology and popular education: a proposition of a device to train health workers
Sant'Anna, Suze Rosa; Hennington, Élida Azevedo

 ·  In the tracks of the activity: analysis of the health-work relation of a scholastic physical education teacher
Almeida, Ueberson Ribeiro; Heckert, Ana Lucia Coelho; Barros, Maria Elizabeth Barros de

 ·  The managerial dimension of the work and the debate on standards and values in telemarketing
Oliveira, Simone Santos; Brito, Jussara Cruz de

 ·  The perspective of ergology and the communicator's the world of work
Figaro, Roseli

 ·  Management of labor in the drilling of oil wells: uses of itself 'give life for all life'
Figueiredo, Marcelo; Alvarez, Denise

 ·  The ergology in Algeria
Abderrahmane, Fyad