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Fractal : Revista de Psicologia
On-line version ISSN 1984-0292


Table of contents
Fractal, Rev. Psicol. vol.22 no.2 Rio de Janeiro May/Aug. 2010

 Dossiê Psicanálise: Work in Progress
 ·  Passage to the act and acting out: two subjective responses
Calazans, Roberto; Bastos, Angélica

 ·  On the analytical treatment of a case of autism: language, object and jouissance
Freire, Ana Beatriz; Oliveira, Elisa Carvalho de

 ·  Read, write, loose: psychoanalysis and mathesis
Costa-Moura, Fernanda

 ·  The face, the body and the objetc
Kosovski, Giselle Falbo

 ·  The passion for the truth in Freud's Moses and monotheism
Darriba, Vinicius Anciães

 ·  Freud presents the rat man: the images through the prism of psychoanalysis
Martins, Cristiane Juguero; Poli, Maria Cristina

 ·  Violence and symptom: what psychoanalysis has to say?
Silva Júnior, Jurandyr Nascimento; Besset, Vera Lopes

 ·  Repression and castration in anxiety hysteria: little Hans and Christopher Haitzmann
Barrocas, Ricardo Lincoln Laranjeira; Félix, Maria Luciana Silva Fernandes

 Temáticas Diversas
 ·  "Persisting students": those who register on courses but do not pass examinations and therefore remain undergraduates longer
Enrico, Vincent

 ·  Moving with the mind and the body: understanding the gap between planning and executing routes in the built environment
Mora, Rodrigo

 ·  An annotation to clinic: Gilles Deleuze, schizophrenia and its positivity
Barros, Maria Elizabeth; Pereira, Juan Carlos Peixoto

 ·  Between the confinement of folly and the "inclusion" of abnormality: vicissitudes of insanity in the work of Michel Foucault
Oliveira, Daniella Coelho de

 ·  Scientific production concerning psychotherapies in PePsic databases (1998/2007)
Pinto, Fabiana Pessini; Santeiro, Tales Vilela; Santeiro, Fabíola Ribeiro de Moraes

 ·  The daily life of users of CAPS: empowerment or capture?
Figueiró, Rafael de Albuquerque; Dimenstein, Magda

 ·  The drawing in the expression of feelings in hospitalized children
Silva, Josianne Maria Mattos da

 ·  Lacan e a Sofística: sobre o estatuto sofístico da psicanálise
Oliveira, Claudio

 ·  A vivência da gravidez em mulheres cardiopatas
Ribeiro, Natalia Pinho de Oliveira; Schier, Alexandre Rafael de Mello; Vilela, Bruno Strey; Silva, Adriana Cardoso O.