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Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia
On-line version ISSN 2179-975X


Table of contents
Acta Limnol. Bras. (Online) vol.23 no.1 Rio Claro Jan./Mar. 2011

 Biological Limnology
 ·  Population structure, reproductive biology and feeding of Astyanax fasciatus (Cuvier, 1819) in an Upper Paraná River tributary, Misiones, Argentina
Hirt, Lourdes María; Araya, Patricia Raquel; Flores, Silvia Alicia

 ·  Population structure, feeding and reproductive aspects of Serrapinnus heterodon (Characidae, Cheirodontinae) in a Mogi Guaçu reservoir (SP), upper Paraná River basin
Gonçalves, Cristina da Silva; Souza, Ursulla Pereira; Braga, Francisco Manoel de Souza

 ·  Effects of daily changes in environmental factors on the abundance and richness of Odonata
Fulan, João Ânderson; Henry, Raoul; Davanso, Rosemary Cristina Souza

 ·  Leaf degradation of Salix humboldtiana Willd: (Salicaceae) and invertebrate colonization in a subtropical lake (Brazil)
Telöken, Franko; Albertoni, Edélti Faria; Palma-Silva, Cleber

 ·  Method for hatching resting eggs from tropical zooplankton: effects of drying or exposing to low temperatures before incubation
Santangelo, Jayme Magalhães; Araújo, Luciana Rabelo; Esteves, Francisco de Assis; Manca, Marina; Bozelli, Reinaldo Luiz

 ·  Population dynamics of Moina minuta Hansen (1899), Ceriodaphnia cornuta Sars (1886), and Diaphanosoma spinulosum Herbst (1967) (Crustacea: Branchiopoda) in different nutrients (N and P) concentration ranges
Vieira, Ana Carolina Brito; Medeiros, Ana Maria Alves; Ribeiro, Leonardo Leôncio; Crispim, Maria Cristina

 ·  Inorganic carbon shortage may limit the development of submersed macrophytes in habitats of the Paraná River basin
Freitas, Aline de; Thomaz, Sidinei Magela

 ·  Vertical distribution of phytoplankton functional groups in a tropical shallow lake: driving forces on a diel scale
Barbosa, Luciana Gomes; Barbosa, Paulina Maria Maia; Barbosa, Francisco Antonio Rodrigues

 Chemical Limnology
 ·  Application of the biotic index IBE-IOC for water quality assessment in wadeable streams in south-east Brazil
Mugnai, Riccardo; Buss, Daniel Forsin; Oliveira, Renata Bley; Sanfins, Cristiane; Carvalho, Alcimar do Lago; Baptista, Darcilio Fernandes

 ·  Effects of nitrate enrichment on leaf litter decomposition
Tonin, Alan Mosele; Hepp, Luiz Ubiratan

 ·  Limnological characterization of floodplain lakes in Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve, Central Amazon (Amazonas State, Brazil)
Affonso, Adriana Gomes; Queiroz, Helder Lima de; Novo, Evlyn Márcia Leão de Moraes