Mammals (exclusive of bats) of Belém, Pará, Brazil

Ronald H. Pine About the author


A complete list of the non-volant wild mammals believed to be now living in Belém, Para, Brazil and vicinity or which may have lived there within historic times is presented. The list includes 72 species : 9 opossums, 6 primates, 10 edentates, 1 rabbit, 3 introduced commensal rodents, 18 native rodents, 2 cetaceans, 17 carnivores, 1 manatee, 1 tapir, and 4 artiodactyls. Relevant synonomies, recognition characters and notes on taxonomy and natural history are provided. A non-technical key is included which is intended to be of especial use by non-mammalogists such as paramedical researchers.

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