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Growth Analysis of Jacareúba (Calophyllum angulare A.C. Smith - Guttiferae) Seedlings Cultivated in Nursery Conditions.

This work conducted at the nursery of Ducke Forest Reserve in Amazonas State, Brazil, had as objective to compare four levels of shading on the growth of jacareúba (Calophyllum angulare) seedlings. The following shading levels were used: 30, 50 and 70% by using black plastic screening and 0% under full sunlight. The growth analysis was done just after the transportation of transportation of seedlings to the beds and monthly during five months. The following results were obtained: a) The greatest values in height, collar diameter and leaf area were obtained with the seedlins cultivated at 70% of shading-sbading at 150 days of staying in the nursery; b) There was a trend to decreasing the relative foliar growth rate and that of foliar area rate of the seedlings while staying in the nursery; c) The relative foliar growth rate was not influenced by the different levels of shading; d) The seedlings cultivated under 70% of shading showed values of a relative shoot growth rate wich shows better adaptation to this condition; concerning to therelative root growth rate the levels of shading more favorables were 0% and 50%; e) The effect of acclimatization on seedlins cultivated under 70%, caused a temporary decrease to the relative growth rate of shoot and the total growth rate between 30 and 60 days.

growth; shading; Calophyllum angulam

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