Gamidactylus bryconis sp. n. (Copepoda, Poecilostomatoida, Vaigamidae) from the nasal fossae of fishes, Brycon pellegrini HOLLY, 1929 e Β. melanopterus (COPE, 1872) from the Brazilian Amazon

Angela VARELLA About the author

Gamidactylus bryconis sp. n. was collected from the nasa) fossae of Brycon pellegrini and B. melanopterus. The new species resembles Gamidactylus jaraquensis in having antennae with moveable spines distally on the third segment and terminal claws, and a pair of strong moveable lateral retrostylets on the first thoracic somite. The new species can be distinguished from its congeners in the size and shape of the retrostylets and in the armature of the legs.

Copepoda; Poecilostomatoida; fish parasites; Amazon; Brazil

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