Effect of the feed management on performance of Matrinxã Brycon amazonicus in rearing ponds

The objective of this study was the identification of effect of period, number of meals, ration feed and frequency of feeding on performance of Matrinxã Brycon amazonicus. The work was carried out on the Aquaculture Center of UNESP in Jaboticabal, SP. The observations were accomplished in three stages, from October 1997 to January 1998 in 16 ponds of 50m². In the first stage it was analyzed the feed consumption, ingestion index and satiation time. Fishes with initial average weight of 232.13g were fed extruded ration of CP 32% in three different periods of the day: morning, noon and afternoon. No significant differences were observed. In second stage the feed consumption was observed in two hours intervals from 7 AM to 7 PM. Fishes previous mean weight of 233.98g was used. The statistical analysis demonstrated that the greater consumption happened when the matrinxã was fed at 5 PM. In the third stage feeding frequency was tested (once a day: in the morning; once a day: in the afternoon; twice a day, in the morning and afternoon; three times a day: in the morning, noon and afternoon) during 57 days. Fishes with initial average weight of 322.25 g were fed extruded commercial pellets with 32% of CP at a 2% biomass rate. No statistical differences were found in weight daily gain (3.17; 2.80; 3.04; and 2.81g) and in food conversion rate (2.11; 2.48; 2.16 and 2.31:1). In order to support growth the results showed that it is enough to feed matrinxã once a day despite the feeding time.

Matrinxã; Brycon; Feeding frequency; Biomass rate; Performance

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